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Graphical director looking for an organization

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Hi, my name is Alex I was the graphical director for v8esports I was the designer for their entire infrastructure, website, network, t-shirts...etc I also was a team manager for many pro organization and also a player such as check6gaming, area51gaming, team hausen, gravitas gaming, NWP gaming, core gamers..etc I have pretty good experience in the managing field as well in graphical design. I also happen to speak multiple language !

I have a port-folio of websites I have designed so if anyone need help with their team or need a staff member, team manager, graphical director feel free to contact me. I love esports so my service are free of charge ! I'm mostly looking for any well known pro teams to join !

Xfire : sunsrise
Steam : bezols

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8 Bit Azrael

Junior Member


I would be interested in this in helping taking my team a bit more serious.