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bot lane support help me out guys

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when supporting bot lane, is it crucial to have a poke? any tips for positioning for zoning/lane dominance?

i like to play adc but can never seem to farm enough when my support doesn't make their presence known in lane

for example, if ur support never pokes whilst both ur healths are being lowered by pokes then u have to back off or risk an attack...this makes it hard to be in position for last hits wthout being punished harshly

i will also play support roles too (i fill anything really) so i can get a feel for all champs

im not here to complain, just to get better --

1. i never talk in chat unless pings and team strat, but can i tell my support to poke more/be more aggro or do i sound noob? I dont mean full on aggro, but enough to where the opposition has to play cautiously

2. obviously i could be doing things better, a loss is never completely not ur own fault- but when the bot lane gets this crazy lead from cs it really effects my/the team's dps and late game build

ps--if u look at match history, all defeats(usually good amount of wins but im streakin bad right now so im taking a break)...i not noob but i wouldnt say im exactly a seasoned player- havent even played for a total of 3 months

I am really great at learning from other people's advice so please pour it on-- im just bad at figuring out different ways of approaching things when my team wont talk to me/only wants to flame about how top or bot or mid or jungle threw game

one final note****

i always seem to play really good and play whatever role well when my team is good, but i want to be great even when others on my team dont know basics

i know im smart enough but i need guidance from some fellow seasoned summoners

this game is addicting

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I wouldn't tell your support to poke. If they aren't already poking it's either because they don't know how or it's too dangerous. If they don't know how to poke making them go in there and try will just feed the other team easy kills. Against many lanes it can also be too dangerous to poke unless your skype with each other and can coordinate properly.

If you get behind it's often a better idea to just cut your losses and stop trying to be aggressive. It will typically not get you caught back up unless your champ just scales better but it will at least prevent the problem from getting worse and at that point hopefully a good teamfight can swing things back in your favor.

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It all depends on the support. A kill lane support such as blitzcrank or leona isn't necessarily going to be able to poke. The issue I think you're having is that your support simply isn't giving a presence in their lane; a well played soraka can do decent damage early with her bananas and make the adc regret going in to last hit. Leona, despite her inability to poke, can zone out an opponent as well if they feel afraid of her coming and feeding their teeth down their throat.

It all depends on the support champion picked, as well as how they're played. A support should be constantly trying to make plays and exploit any mistakes, not just afk sitting and healing in the bottom bush.