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Bug Splat

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Hello, i was recently in a ranked game where i was playing leblanc solo mid, at level two i experienced such bad lag/low fps that i could not move my character, and my screen was not updating, giving up first blood. after a solid minute of hard lag i finally reconnected, back in my lane I again experienced hard lag/low fps and again died. while waiting to go back to lane to try and salvage my terrible start my client closes completely and i receive a bug splat message. after reloading the client i came back to play at least 6 levels down. after i caught up in levels and aiding my team in teamfights i, sadly did not have the worst k/d ratio of the game, a feeder vayne that was calling everybody else noobs was the holder of the worst k/d ratio. however, immediately after the game ended i was banned for leaving the game, even though my absence was not my fault. my point being, players should not be banned for bug splats, they have no control over problems/bugs in the game client.