Akali Questions

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Hey all, I've been playing for about two weeks now and just tried out Akali, great champ, I love her! But I have some questions about her...

1) I'm still unfamiliar with all of the game's terminology, could someone please "translate" her abilities for me and break down what they mean? This what I think they mean:

Q: Akali uses a ranged attack that marks the target. Her next basic attack or E ability removes the mark, deals bonus damage, and restores her energy.

W: Creates a circle where enemies are slowed and Akali is invisible inside the circle, when she attacks she becomes visible momentarily. When in the circle her armor and magic resist increase.

E: Area of effect melee attack, consumes the mark from her Q.

R: Does not cost energy like her other abilities, uses an Essence of Shadow which is gained over time or through kills and assists, you can store up to 3 essences. Deals a large amount of damage.

Passive: Basic attacks deal bonus magic damage depending on how much ability power you have added via items/buffs. Your abilities (Q, E, and R) heal you for a percent of the damage dealt depending on how much attack damage you have added via items/buffs.

Is this right?

2) Does +X mana correlate to +X energy? Do items like Trinity Force give me bonus energy instead of mana? I think this is a no...

3) Looking the champion, to maximize her passive's effects I want to maximize her AD and AP?

4) To maximize her Q's damage I need to build AP?

5) To maximize her E's damage I need to build AD and AP?

6) To maximize her R's damage I need to build AP?

Thanks in advance!

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