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Ice Frog and Valve...

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I didn't say the puzzles were difficult, I said they were terrible. Game physics were still in a very primitive state at the time, and to be honest, they just weren't very good.

Yeah, they did pretty much grind the game to a halt, but on the other hand, they did spark the trend much more immersive and intuitive puzzle solving in games, so I'd say it's a break-even.

Then again, I'm the type of person who can overlook a lot of things for a game with good set-piece moments and general atmosphere. I'm not going to pretend the AI wasn't as dumb as a brick or that the Vehicle sections weren't awful, but there's less than 10 single-player games I've played through more than once, and HL2's on the list. (Doing a Light-side then Dark-side run through the same game doesn't count because then I'm just riding through to see what I missed)

As for being on-topic, I'm pretty leery about this (and games of this type in general) because LoL seems to be the only one that doesn't rely on quasi-exploits like animation canceling and the like in order to stand a chance at ever winning a match. Fans of this genre seem to think that means it's competitive, but it just reeks of bad game design to me.

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I must be the only one who enjoyed HL2's vehicle sections. Especially the canals.

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And here it is, tbh this is a deadly blow to Hon and not to LoL since Hon is a copy of original Dota and LoL is "unique" and original.