Fix your ****ing game

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Dear Riot,

Ive donated a ****load of money to you guys. I find this game to be incredible. But today, and since this Nami patch, my client has given me nothing but problems. I cant get through one match without a crash. My sound randomly is cutting out and requires a restart to fix. Now, I finish champ select. Get A "BUGSPLAT" error and have to reconnect and am unable too. So right now as I type this, I am being flamed by a team of four because they are down a person and don't have their mordekaiser top. And the 9 people in that game will probably report me for "LEAVING" but guess what. I didnt ****ing leave. I am right here trying my best to reconnect to the game but my client wont allow it. Do me, the community and the planet a favor and fix this ****ing game.