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Tien the Chakra Monk (WIP)

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- Holding post for future updates, stay tuned! -
On the highest peaks of Mt. Allanon, nestled deep within an unnatural wood lay a village, hidden from the
world for ages. Time moved slowly here; generations past and still the children remained unhindered by time's grim
advances. But still a fear grew in the hearts of the people - A monster lurked in the shadows of the forest; old
men told tales of horror to the children of a beast that devoured any living thing unlucky enough to cross its
path. Some called the beast "Cho'Gath", but the elder council knew of the darker power he represented -
the voidborn. There was only one hope left in this dark time - a powerful weapon that the armies of the Void had
not anticipated.

Still yet a Child, Tien harnassed a power thought lost long ago. Through years of meditation, with unquestionable
patience and diligence, she mastered the seven chakra - the essences of her being. These Chakra gave her powers,
and gave her people hope, that she would end the darkness and slay the beast.

The beast never came. The woods grew silent once more, and the villagers let down their guard. But Tien
stayed vigilant - she knew that something was amiss. She set out to find Cho'Gath and to bring vengeance upon him
for those who had lost their lives. Her third all-seeing eye revealed that he was being held at the League of Legends
and out on her journey she set.

Champion: Tien the Chakra Monk

Origin: Secret Village located on Mt. Allanon on the Ionian Isles

Role: Support / AP Mid possibly

Appearance: A "pre-teen" aged girl, Tien is bald and the most notable feature are her three eyes. Two, in normal places, are glossy and crystal colored - Tien is blind. Her third,
which rarely ever opens, sees not only what is, but what was and what will be. Whether a vow of silence or actually being mute, Tien does not talk, but often smiles. She wears rags
and robes and is always barefoot. She wields no weapon but is almost always seen in meditation position with her eyes closed. She can float while in deep meditation.

12/12/12 - Added name, lore, basic details

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Posted Lore and some other minor details! Would LOVE if someone could give feedback on the lore. I love the idea of including Cho'Gath and if they were in game together on opposing teams - something funny (easter egg) could happen. Took some time on the lore so I would appreciate constructive criticism. The stats and skills and concept art is being worked on.