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League of legends skin ideas!

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League of legends skin ideas:

Recently their has been really cool skin out lately and i decided to try my hand at
some concept of skins that i think would be a really big hit alot of them are not that
good but i think that new skins are a kind of a fun thing to have and it brings a new
fun flair to games. Ill try to draw some of them up later and show how they could look.

"BO peep Soraka"-

(an obvious reference to the little BO peep nursery rhyme) I think
it would be funny to see Soraka in a poofy skirt and have a cane instead of a staff
and to have her still have a horn and hooves basically like she is her sheep (even
though shes is more of a goat).

"Divine intervention Shen"or"guardian angel Shen"-

(A skin that basically dresses
him up as a guardian angel or sort of a hood like the angels in Diablo. I think
his would be awesome because it would be an awesome site to see him teleport to his
teammates in a holy light and he would have 2 light blades that would mark his enemies
in holy light.

"Baker Pantheon"-

I've been thinking about this one a lot because of his joke that he states that he would
like to be a baker instead. This would be funny if he was in a baker outfit and his
weapons were a cookie sheet shield with little burnt ginger bread men and a pointy
baguette or a giant spatula.This should definitely be his legendary skin because it
would be such a funny pair to have with the baker Morgana.

"Rave girl Lux"-

A kind of rave skin that would give her a giant glow stick as a staff and and she would
flash and do a rave sort of a rave dance as her dance and when she uses her R she fires
a giant neon glowing beam instead.This would be funny addition because of the sort of
modernized arcade Sona skin.

"Candy land Kog'maw"-

He would be made of coils of liquorice and he would have gumdrops as eyes and he would
shoot out gum balls for his slow and war heads for his R .This was a small concept that
i find hilarious because of how funny Kog'maw's other skins are.

Lee sin-
"break dance Lee sin"-

as the name suggest he would be clothed in sort of baggy clothes and i think this would
be a rather funny contrast to his serious character and that it would be a funny thing
is when he dances he break out a boom box and starts doing flips and break dances
(obviously). I thought this was a funny concept because of the new snow day Ziggs and
some of the new skins have been giving champs more modern clothes.

"Larping Xerath"-
I thought this would be a hilarious legendary skin for him because his joke is modeled
after a larping quote and he would be dressed up in a poorly stitched mage costume with
patches all over it and when he fires his skills they are actually just pieces of paper
with lighting bolt sloppily drawn on them.

"Drunken fist Udyr"-
This would be a sort of awesome concept because he has a lot of stances that are martial
arts oriented and i believe if he would be a nice addition to his skins. He would be
in torn pants and have a sloppy clothes and rosy cheeks and would carry around a small
gourd and would take sips of it when he taunts causing him to fall on the ground.(this
could also be a Lee sin skin).

"dodge ball Nunu"-
As the name suggest he would instead throw dodge balls and would be dressed
in gym clothes. I thought this was funny because of the whole idea that
Willup would be sort of the larger kids in gym while Nunu uses him as a shield
like most kids do in doge ball.

"Grand chicken Anivia"-
This was a hilarious concept i thought of because to see Anivia as a chicken would be
the best thing ever. She would turn into a actual chicken egg when her passive activates
and her skills that she throw would be eggs too and she would run on the ground and would
occasionally jump and flap her wings like a real chicken would do.

*these are all the ones that I have at the moment ill try and add art and more skin ideas
later but as of now these are all i have please comment on these and show which ones you
love and any comments on how these skins could be improved. Thanks for looking!*

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These are awesome ideas!! ^.^

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I like these idea and I have a few more to add and skins that need fixing and skins that other people have thought of!

Infernal Olaf:
Kind of obvious in the name but instead of ice he should be fire.

Ravager Nocturne:
The Duskbringer trail should be yellow or orange instead of black

Sweet Dreams Nocturne:
He should be like a ranbow colour and his Duskbringer should turn hot pink or rainbow

Mecha Kog'Maw:
Kog'Maw but metal obviously. His slow could like be cement and solidify into steel or something

Archangel Kayle:
An opposite to the classic Kayle with dark purple wings or something

Enflamed Volibear:
Volibear could have like flames coming from his fur

Battlecast Elise:
Elise could be metal and when she transforms it could make a noise like a transformer or something

Frozen Cho'Gath:
Cho'Gath's rupture and spikes should be ice stalactites

Ice Dragon Shyvana: She should breathe ice instead of fire

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ginger bread man teemo

koolaid man gragas

spiderman amumu

green goblin ziggs

annie skin where tibbers is the champ and annie is the ultimate. not just them wearing costumes of each other.

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and griffen hecarim