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How Vi joined the league

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For some reason I imagine Vi life as a sort of buddy cop movie with Caitlyn.

Piltover police head quarters...

Vi walks into the precinct covered in bandages and sits down at her desk. Before she can raise her cup to take a sip, Caitlyn opens her office door and calls for her.

"Vi in my office now!"

Sighing Vi slowly gets up and drags her feet towards the office. The scowl on Caitlyn face already indicating that she is about to get a lecture over some none sense, she takes a seat inside as Caitlyn slams the door behind her. Sitting down Caitlyn taps her fingers on the table starring at a report in front of her.

"What?" Vi says impatiently.

Rubbing her fore head Caitlyn begins barely keeping her rage in check.

"Damn it Vi you destroyed a Reconnaissance Operations Front-Line Copter, six officers were injured, all the perps are so badly injured it will take months in intensive care before we can get a confession. What do you have to say for your self?"

Vi stands up and yells at Caitlyn. "I'm the best woman on the force, if it wasn't for me all the hostages would of been dead. Every time I scuff up a little paint, you jump on my back."

Standing up Caitlyn yells back. "Thousands of gold in damages is not scuffing a little paint." Caitlyn pauses as she collects her self. "You've done it this time, you want to be a hero well you got your wish. Major is breathing down my throat to sponsor you in becoming a league champion."

"About time Cupcake." Vi says with a smirk.

"Just get out of my office, you leave for the Institute of War right away." Caitlyn sits back down in her chair. "And Vi, good luck."

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Que music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9hItdzJWWU