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Dear Riot: S3 Item Feedback

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Hello, I play allot of ranked on my numerous accounts and wanted to share with you how I feel about the new items.

Crystalline Flask:

This item is broken and should be revamped. Infinite mana/hp pots mixed into one for the low cost of 225 if ridiculous and makes regular potions redundant. You can sit in lane and spam your ult, when it's off cooldown you pop one of these instead of having to return base again. It seems a small boost but has far too large an impact throughout the game for 225 gold

Black Cleaver:

Adds far too much early game tankiness and damage, while being stackable. A perfect example of this is a cleaver rushing pantheon, just takes ridiculous chunks out of you.
(Already being reworked in pbe)

Runnin's Hurricane:

I love the item and would hate to see it nerfed but I feel like it's biased towards too few champs and unlock overpowered potential.

Ex: Twitch runs into teamfights, hits some auto attacks clicks expunge triple kill.
Ex: Ap teemo tops his annoying build of with the ability to hit 3 teammembers with super poison. >.> (fun but op..)

Sword of the Divine:

Strong potential but somehow lacking, as an AD carry I feel this is a waste of an item slot purely because it gives me no base damage and becomes useless once I use the active which is only useful if I'm running a strong crit build with low percentage.

ex: rush IE then smack one of these babies on.

The problem is, in reality a rushed crit build as an ad carry is rather unviable and only used in super steamroll situations, in any other situation the AD carry will likely go meta thirster first.

New Manamune/Reworked ArchAngels and upgrades:

I like that Arch is no longer stackable. Both of these items give a fun late game active and I enjoy their rework overall. Glass cannon was broken on certain champions.

Blade of the ruined king:

Love hate relationship with this item. As an AD carry I think it adds some real potential in being able to kite in tough situations, but with the gap closers and such present in current game meta I found myself using this items active as more of a way to 1v1 or herass then anything.

ex: playing mf. 1v1'ing 'x' ad carry, spam it on them for the lifesteal and kite ability. Still, I feel like this item could be better and I hate building anything out of purely pickaxe; it feels improper.

Statikk Shiv:

This retrofitted version of the old lighting bow thing for AD carries is quite simply one of my favorite items. I don't feel like it's totally overpowered in any single way except for the new Avarice blade it builds from. This item is fun and helpful to me as a carry, helps me farm to some extent without feeling totally overpowered and has good herass viability in teamfights. I enjoy it.

Avarice Blade: I like that crit builers get to have a gp/10 (I think?) item but I believe that adding the passive effect 'greed' was a little strong on your end, riot. It adds too much viability to certain champions who already get gold as a passive effect from killing minions and is also a some-what biased item. An Ashe is likely to rush it for the extra gold, on top of her passive Eagle shot and then if they have like.. a TF mid. That's too much gold. Idk, I just feel like this new 'greed' passive could be easily abused and in time might become like meta bot lane first time or something as it builds into Statikk which is an awesome item.

DFG: Finally useful after the 2nd try! I love how it builds from Needlessly compared to how it used to building from Blasting wand. It threw this item right back into viability after its nerf.


Grants far too many wards and health for a low cost item. It's overpowered in every aspect ~

Tier 3 boots:

This was a really fun idea implemented by riot and I enjoy the 3rd tier in any position. Though, I feel some more original ideas need to be implement rather then summoner spell cooldowns as I find people simply going furor, or the extra ms.

Other Reworked Things:


I love how tanks have been way more balanced in S3. They don't get super tanky early game and give the opposing fighters a chance. It also eliminates much of the 'stack tank' mindset I saw throughout S2. With the Rejuvination pendent building into so many things, tanky champions have somewhat more a set of choices they can make throughout their build compared to simply "BUILD RESISTANNCCEEE!11" Health being the new tanky and madreds being removed was wicked cool, because it made champions like Kog'maw feel special and tanks not feel overpowered and so unbalanced.

AD Carries:

In general I don't feel so much dominance coming from the S2 T1 Adcs bot lane. (Graves, Ez.) They don't feel as potent as of late and I'm glad the ATS debuff from ez was removed and the duration of Graves W reduced earlier on. I know that's not a part of S3, just sayin.


Much more engaging then they where in Season 2. Interesting to say the least.

The removal of Force of Nature

This saddened me. Why not bring this item back? It was the most potent anti-ap item in the game without having to stack which may of been useless health, mana, ability power, or cooldown. Now I have to build things I may not want to build to get a resistance. Hardly fair.


I love laning with the new jungle present as I feel much less pressure, but as an S2 jungler I find myself staying far away from that role simply because i constantly find my self underleveled. The buffed monster camps also make it impossible for me to use non-meta junglers, like gregas. That also upset me. I also find myself confused as to farm or gank, with sightstones being so overpowered it tends to just be a waste of time when i try to create lane pressure. So, to break it down:

Not being the jungler I like the new jungle

Being the jungler I hate it

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Leg cancer:


Grants far too many wards and health for a low cost item. It's overpowered in every aspect ~

This item can be a bit OP at the beginning... however, late game it's just not viable. You're taking up a slot for 3 wards max and 200 health. I know too many supports that would sacrifice the 200 health for 5 wards max.

I used it when it first came out to test it, but it's just not viable. Personally, I hate it and think it's pretty freakin' useless.

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Senior Member


wow. just wow. If you want a truly broken item (and not really truly broken), how about Iceborn Gauntlet on Ezreal? No more mana issues, almost as much damage, 15% CDR, and now he kites better than Ashe; plus, if you DO catch him, he's 50% harder to kill.

Or how about Eleisa's Miracle: double your health & mana regen, and don't even need an item slot to do it, plus you get tons of gold along the way; literally pays for itself over and over. Thankfully they don't stack. Oh, and supports just went off the wall with this thing.

Or how about Mikael's Crucible? Chain-stun the carry? Not on my watch. Tryndamere just got semi-viable again, especially with that triple auto-crit from SotD; can't kite him anymore now, 'cause he'll just spin up, triple-crit-kill, and now has 80% fury (from 0%) = +25% crit chance to deal with everyone else who just blew their CC.

And then there's Spirit of the Lizard Elder, on Ashe. Every 3 seconds she gets +20% crit chance, and hits you for up to ~200 more damage; never runs out of mana. Or Corki - what's better than true damage on a carry? How about more true damage on a carry.

Last but not least: Mercurial Scimitar. QSS just became an extremely offensive item. You thought Tryndamere was bad before? Imagine him now with a free QSS, Cleanse, and supp w/ Crucible. Never gets stunned, never gets kited, and has another 50 damage to crit ( = +260 to +280 per auto), and that's one item.

Now, are these items broken? No. But they're stronger than the ones you listed as "OP", so what does that say about cleaver stacking, which gets hard-countered by a single, cheap Warmogs? or DFG that gets hard-countered by movement? or Sightstone that only lets you have 2 or 3 wards out max instead of 5?