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Bug - Item - Bulwark stacks with Bulwark and Aegis

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The Bulwark aura is stacking with the Aegis of the Legion aura even though they both have the same name. This is pretty game breaking - it provides ridiculous magic defense for your team. It also apparently even stacks with itself.

Just to be clear: I don't mean the usual normal aura stacking where the holder of the item will get it twice

What I mean is:
Champion A has no items
Champion B has Bulwark
Champion C has Aegis

If A is in range of B and C, then A gets the aura from both Bulwark and Aegis.

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To be honest this has been known for quite some time now since Beta , Stacking Aegis was commonly used by those who knew about it. I would say only a handful did it while others would think its trolling. You only need two players to buy it which you explain with Champion A-C.