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@Riot: how to fix the jungle and increase variety of effective junglers (Season 3)

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Dear Riot:


With every season's changes, we come to realize that certain tweaks are necessary to ensure the viability and amount of enjoyment for each role that this game has to offer. Season 2 jungle changes initially brought about a devastating impact on junglers before the tweaks were made (the jungle banking system). With the season 3 jungle now in effect, us junglers are faced with similar concerns for the new jungle, but they haven't been complained about or looked at in depth for 2 reasons. 1st is that they aren't as devastating as the initial season 2 jungle. The 2nd reason is that there has been so many changes to the season 3 items that its hard to discern what impacts are the natural causes of items that effect everyone and what is it that is just affecting junglers due to the jungle changes.

The Problem:

It's no secret the the jungle has gotten harder. Junglers are pretty much forced into 1 specific build in the beginning of the game, which isn't particularly bad, but left as it is now, it causes problems for junglers and reduces their overall effectiveness not only early game, but throughout the entire game.

The new jungler items are very effective tools that allow junglers to deal with the new jungle while still punishing them an appropriate amount early game so that their ganks aren't easily game deciders. The early game from levels 1-4 a pretty much balanced now, which is very nice to see, and i commend Riot on solving this problem in such a creative way. However, when you take something from a role, you also have to give something to that role to make them effective and fun to play.

An increase in scaling rewards in the jungle seemed like the perfect give for the amount of take Riot seized from the junglers early game, so that junglers could have more of an impact late game and have less of an impact early game. However, The increase in scaling rewards in the jungle didnt not make up for 2 changes in the jungle.

The first is increased clear times. Increased clear times per camp lead to general decrease in rewards for junglers in season 3. The second is the removal of the banking system which allowed junglers to gank and come back to a bit more exp in the jungle so that their gank attempts didn't make or break them for the rest of the game. However, the increase in scaling rewards has only partially made up for these 2 changes to the season 3 jungle. Overall, junglers are hurt not only early game but also mid and late game. Unless junglers dominate early game (which is much harder to do), they still feel much like a support late game rather than a carry. In the interests of give and take, and making this role interesting and fun to play, this has to change.

The Solution:

Luckily, with the implementation of jungler items, an easy solution to all of this is right in our reach. The way to give increased rewards to junglers so they are effective late game without making them overpowered early game, and not just giving those rewards to laners, due to the fact that later in the game the banking system really just goes over to laners who take jungle mobs anyway, is through this manner. Add a scaling exp and gold bonus from neutral monsters to tier 2 and tier 3 jungler items (ex: this item increases exp and gold from neutral monsters by 15% (20% for tier 3)).

What does this do to the role of junglers and how does this effect the choices junglers get to make as well as the viability of more champions in the jungle? With this change, junglers get to make the decision of, "do i buy items like tier 1 and 2 boots (and enchantments for them) to increase my ganking potential, or do i buy an item that allows me to keep more on pace with carries into late game, so that I'm not 3-4 levels behind them late game and much less farmed. This change will not only fix the rewards problem that junglers have during mid and into late game, but will also allow for flexibility in the jungle that will allow more gold dependent junglers with less ganking potential to still be somewhat effective in the jungle due to their late game potential (ex: shaco would probably still go tier 2 boots first while a jungler like master yi, who has no CC, might choose to get the item that lets him scale into late game faster)

While testing will still need to be carried out for this change, i would recommend the initial values of the exp bonus to neutral monster on the tier 2 jungler item to be 15% and the initial value for tier 3 to be 20%. As the first clear of jungle monsters provides sufficient exp and gold, there is no need to add a value to the tier 1 jungler item. The jungler will still have less effective level 1 and 2 ganks since these values don't kick in until mid game, and they will still be lower health after clearing the jungle initially due to the increase of difficulty in the jungle.

Final Thoughts and Summary:

Adding a percentage based increase to rewards for killing neutral monster onto tier 2 and 3 jungler items will allow for more champions to effectively jungle while allowing junglers to have a bigger role late game rather than being under-farmed due to the fact that ganking early game is much harder. This will also account for the removal of the banking system and the increased clear times in the jungle, to ensure that junglers still play a vital and effective role in the game, while giving them choices on how they would like to build their champion (order of item builds).



PS: (i wont complain too much about this since its not such a huge deal but, you don't know how much you hurt junglers from level 4-7 by making any form of life steal cost 800 gold instead of 475, you might want to check into that too. maybe turning the tier 2 jungler item regen into 6-8% lifesteal/spell vamp might be a solution, but that might be too strong. Once again this isn't a major issue and shouldn't be given as much weight as my main concern.)