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Kaean Cyredathem

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No, but seriously. I've been playing this game for years. Not usually competitively, mostly just with a few friends and to have some very easy fun PvP style combat that I can test myself against. But as of this last itemization fix, I find myself questioning if I should continue to play this game and pay for more champions when the fights aren't even fun to play. Everything was challenging and fairly balanced despite a few issues that did need some fine tuning. But now, as I'm very sure Riot is aware of, Penetration is off the charts, there isn't enough weight to defensive stats, and their choice to try to make games faster (Possibly to market matches to rival that of SC2?) has become a detriment to how enjoyable the game is.

Now I'm not saying longer games are better games because they are longer. I'm stating that League was a game based on knowledge of the mechanics, the skills to handle those mechanics both of your chosen champion, your collective team's champions, and that of your opponents. Now to give you answers to possible hard counters and to add another depth of content, we have a great variety of items to choose from to help our mission. With the changes in items, tanks can barely tank efficiently (especially in 3s/Dom), Support being almost ineffective, and move speeds being adjusted on several items, there is almost no capability to try to outrun the chasing onslaught of enemy trucking. League wasn't about how long it took you to win, but that you found the ability to compete and skillfully claim victory. If that means longer games, so be it.

Suffice to say, I have several complaints and issues with the changes, and I'm posting for the first time on almost any forum ever. I do not like these changes. The game was not broken nor was it stagnant. The interesting gameplay didn't come from shiny swords or armor. It came from the Spirit of Competition. In fairness, I understand Riot is trying to keep things fresh and keep people interested in their game. So far, they have been successful at that and have piqued the interests of millions of gamers. But this shift to percent based damage and penetration has almost nullified the meaning of defensive stats. It reminds me of Wrath of the Lich King PvP, where the fights were about who could burst down who fastest. I'm very disheartened by the state of the game and extremely hopeful for their answer to fix these serious issues. Regardless, thank you for your years of hard work and dedication to making an enjoyable and entertaining game. I implore you to reconsider the effects of percentage based damage.

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NA Rukhron

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This "Let's speed up the gameplay" mentality has brought the game to a very toxic state imho. For some reason Riot seems to believe they have to favor offensive gameplay and the carries over everything else.

What seems to be a good idea to speed up gameplay is only pushing tanks and supports out of the game slowly but at a stead pace.

The worse part is: It does not speed up the game. The stalled games are getting longer, I've played a game up to 85 minutes until I sold boots and GA to get phantom dancers for an all or nothing. I ended up winning, but I went offline straight after that - it was a stressful game and I had no joy out of my victory as I just gave up strategy for straight up power just so I could finish it and get rid of that annoying game (I didn't even cared for my team anymore - just cared about killing and breaking the nexus regardless of them all getting brutally murdered out there - I even struck down malphite while my team was being slaughtered just because he bugged me).

I actually like the new penetration mechanic I honestly think that if someone is trying to buy penetration one shouldn't get other to be worse - they're investing in it and should have some return.
On the other hand I believe the same logic should apply to defensive investment: If I want to get tanky, I want to get tanky - I'm investing in it and I should be able to withstand damage and protect my teammates.

I believe that a game where all roles have the opportunity to achieve victory through their means equally is healthier than a game that makes offensive more rewarding.

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Both of these posts are well worded, and I agree with both. (if that's possible?)

Good posts, logical/polite opinions. +1