Champion for me to use?

:[:Syndra:]: 1 50.00%
:[:Kha'Zix:]: 0 0%
:[:Rengar:]: 1 50.00%
:[:Other:]: (Post Champion in thread) 0 0%
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Champion Choice?

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The Shard

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:[:The Shard:]:
There are two champions I really want. But I don't know who to get.

Syndra: I have mastered Syndra during her free week back in the old days.
Every game I play with her is winning but she still had lowest win rate in the league.
I love all her moves. Slows, Harass and just squishy... Um, Squishers. (Dont Judge Me, You know who you are) .-.

Kha'Zix: Kha'Zix on the other hand is popular and good as far as I can tell though I have never played him. His evolving forms look like they bring great possibilities to enhance my personal game play.

Rengar- I have never played Rengar either and think he might be a good addition to my set. His unique item looks cool and fun to use.

Give me other AP Casters and Jungler ideas that are for 6300 or 975 IP/RP.