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Anyone want to help an experienced noob?

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QSilvR Trevor

Junior Member


Hi, people of the G&S forum. i have played at least 1500 games, but only recently actively tried to get better. I am looking for someone who could play a few games and let me know where i go wrong. I am best as support but rarely play it outside of tournaments with friends. I can go top decently with a few champions, but kinda lost interest after the new black cleaver update (either i play garen and stack them or i get destroyed by someone who does). Mid is not that bad for me either, don't really have a main for that lane, but my best is probably ryze. Jungle is quite difficult for me, as i seem to only be able to help out early game. My main jungle is trundle and the ganks after 4 almost always get a kill but from 1-4 and after early game i dont do much other than reduce defence/ad and slow. adc is by far my worst roll as i seem to slip into a support mindset and harass instead of focusing on cs. i have started doing bot games focusing only on cs, which has helped a little. (usually get 65-70 by 10) but i will usually go back into trying to get kills and end up far behind their adc. http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/19381436 (http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/19381436) i stopped playing ranked once preseason came out as im still trying to figure out whats best to build now :P any advice would be apreciated, but i'm really hoping to find someone who will play a few games with me and give me tips in game.
i have teamspeak skype steam vent mumble and am fine to download others