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Tactical Ease Please

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Garblax III

Junior Member


So much of your success in League is determined by map awareness and teamwork, why not make it super easy? Right now we rely hugely on chat, which unless you're a professional stenographer is a pain in the behind. I would love to see some additional features to make the tactical side of the game smoother. My idea is as follows: more kinds of pings, and drawing on the map. For the pings, I am thinking things like a "gank please ping," a "hold position ping," or a "don't take my stinkin farm and unfreeze my lane you nub ping" (okay that one already exists as two dozen retreat pings). The second idea is the real game changer, give us the ability to draw arrows and stuff on the mini-map, you could instantly co-ordinate team movement, alert team mates of assumed enemy movements, ping entire areas (ie: 50hp Yi highlandered his way somewhere into this jungle), etc. This sort of thing would give the ability to react to the enemy with your own tactics instantly, instead of hitting enter to type then panicking when their team jumps you and broadcasting the following: "Theyre coming in from bluqqqqqeeeeewwwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (you know you've been there). Any other ideas out there? Criticisms? Let me know what you think.

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The Star of Hope



I already do most of this with just the two current pings. Here's how I use pings to convey the things you mentioned, incase it's useful to you.

Gank Please: Ping the jungler and then the target I want ganked.

Hold Position / Go Here: Ping the location I want people to go.

Enemy Entered Jungle:
Ping (or Retreat Ping) the area to show they should be hunted down (or warn that they're there).

If I want to show direction, for example if someone left my lane and I suspect they're going to gank, I will ping where they left followed by a retreat Ping (or two) leading to where I suspect they've gone.