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Need help...

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Ok, so I mainly play jungle as my main role, even with the new jungle. I presently have almost 8k IP and am looking for a new champ. I main champ Maokai and I am quite potent as him, despite new jungle. I also bought Shyvana, Skarner, and Olaf all fairly recently (though Olaf was most recent). My main champions who I play mostly and I jungle with are:


A few people I was thinking of getting are: Xin Zhao, Sona, Udyr, and Volibear. I am not sure who or which to get, and I am not sure of the performance of each of these champions given the changes since the patch.

I remember playing both Xin Zhao and Volibear a while ago and having decent results with them (played Xin Zhao in jungle and Volibear as support bottom). Recently I tried Udyr and Sona in just a bot game or two and they were fun as well.

As stated, I am a main role jungle player and that's what I go to first, I can go support or top if needed too, but I prefer jungle. Also, if I don't jungle I usually support and I do not have many supports, I usually go Maokai and just play support role =P.

So there ya go, I am looking at what to do with the IP and am seeking some advice. If you could give some insight or help regarding who to get and why (whether they be out of the ones I listed above or not).

Thank you for any help, input, or advice regarding my question(s).