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[Shop UI] Quickly Finding Items

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The Star of Hope



As an experienced league of legends player, I find the quickest way for me to find an item in the shop is to select an item from the recomended list, or my inventory, which has a component in common with the item I wish to build. I can then quickly navigate using the tree on the right side to the desired item.

I would like to be able to list the 'basic' components from which the majority of items are built in the left hand side of the shop (the recomended items do not always contain a suitable starting point for an item I wish to find).

When navigating items in this way it is also slow for me to locate items using the arrows on the top right of the shop window, and it is difficult to tell if these arrows are active (when the list is full, it is hard to know if it has overflowed).

I also find it is slow to locate boots and consumables, as I will typically keep the inventory filtered based on a quality common to items generally want. To locate boots or consumables I must then change the filter the appropriate category, make my purchase and refilter it again to my prefered category.

I would like a quick way to access boots and consumables without losing my current filter. The recomended items would be suitable for this, but do not always include basic boots (where advanced boots are recomended), meaning it is necessary to look for where boots have been placed in the recomended items.

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UI Designer


Ideally I would like recommended items to be so comprehensive that you can find any appropriate item in there for your champion. Right now we have a lot more choice, but not nearly enough (playing Zyra support, for example, makes recommended items much less useful for me). We needed to optimize the recommended items for list view, for advanced players who use icon view we can include many more items without scrolling. Look for changes to facilitate more item choice in recommended in the future. Also, explore custom recommended items! You can roll your own and have all the interesting items available right there. There are some threads where or on the lol subreddit linking to some community created tools.

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Sigh, 'go have the community fix it'. GG.

At least you recognize it's not great. One of my LEAST favorite things about my WoW years was having to update my HUD to get useful info without all the garbage.

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Senior Member


I believe that making "recommended" into an item filter just like HP/mana/etc. is probably the way to go, personally. Then you wouldn't really need two tabs, either.