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[Guide] Warwick - Welcome to the jungle

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Let me start iff this guide by saying I dont claim to be the best. I have played LoL for awhile and WW for only a month but for the most part I feel like I have mastered the art of goodjungle Warwick.

Alot of people say to build WW tanky but most of the time I will use this build and I have won 70% of my ranked games with him.

My ELO is not great, I am sitting at 1k currently. However before I started playing WW I was at 850. I hit a REALLY bad losing streak and this is why I dove down to 850.

Once I changed over to WW I have won a large majority of my games.

The build I used focuses on attack speed and add abit of cooldown reduction.

for masteries I use 21/0/9.

In offensive unlike most ( I think ) jungle WW's I max out minion dmg. This will help with jungle speed.

In utility I get regen, experience and 1 in utility mastery.

for runes I use red armor pen, however 3 slots I put attack speed in. I like this combo. Yellow I use dodge runes because I like them for jungling. Blue I havent found anything that I like much yet but I am thinking im going to use flat health. Im currently using MR per level. For Quints I am currently using 2 - 2% exp and 1 Health quint. I am going to buy another exp quint tho because I am jungling and my goal is 6 ASAP and gank.

for skill build I will go

After that I max out W and Q for faster farming and damage and in this builds case, survivability.

for summoner spells I take flash and smite. Smite is a must for fast jungling and extra cash. Flash I LOVE because at game start if the other team comes to gank 90% of the time I will get away.

Okay so game start I will hide in the brush until 1:50. I do this because sometimes someone will come to gank and in order not to waste time if they dont see you there, they might assume you are laning and go back to their lane position.

if I go into the brush and there are enemies there, flash will get me back to safety next to my tower.

It can also help if your teammate(s) can gank protect you but dont count on this because you should be able to do this on your own.

For my item start I grab a cloth armor and 2 armor pots. I usually only use 1 but I grab 2 just incase.

I start at blue golem because this allows me to spam my abilities from the start. I feel it works best.

My begining path normally goes from blue golem hitting all camps down to the twin golems. However if you think you can get away with it I will hit the blue golem and wolf camp and cross to enemy territory and grab the three camps on lizard side. This will take away their opportunity to grab an early red buff and save your red buff area to farm after you B. Your golem side plus a lizard section will bring you to 700 G.

*WARNING* This is risky so use caution. If the other team has any stealths this might be a bad idea. Or if they are smart enough to ward their jungle. But chances are they wont early game. If noone is MIA when your on your way over, you shoulkd be okay. This can give you an early jump on their jungler too, if you happen to catch them at their red buff you can just wait in the bushes until lizard is low and smite steal their golem. This will not only piss them off but at this point you will have fuller health than them and both buffs while you stomp them into the ground and destroy their jungling route.

At 700 G I will teleport back to base and pick up my madreds razor. Madreds is great because it greatly increases your jungling speed and allows you to safely and quickly down the dragon ( which is one of your jobs as the jungler).

Now you will proceed into your red area and clear all the camps their. Make your way up to their golem and kill it, while your at it grab their wolves. At this point you should be level 5 and heading for the dragon.down the dragon using smite when it is at low health and spamming q and w when its up.

After that take a look at your map, if someones in trouble or needs to B go help them. If the enemy has overextended gank them. Try to pick your targets wisely however. Make sure you switch off E if someone is under 60% so you do not give yourself away. Its also helpful to ask your team to lure them closer to your tower so you can get a sure kill.

If they are really low health and running back to their tower dont be afraid to take a tower hit or 2, with your E skill you should be faster than them and with Q it should keep your health good for a tower dive. Smash them and flash out.

After I get a couple kills (and this is the best case scenario) from ganking, I will teleport back and grab Swiftness boots and ingredients to finish my Bloodrazor. Without bloodrazor WW's ULT is only a stun and does not do any kind of viable damage so its best IMO to finish this after boots.

I almost ALWAYS grab swift boots unless there is no tank, in which I will then grab Merc treads or Tabi. Swiftness boots are the best way to go if you plan on ganking alot ( which you should ) and combined with your E skill will make you the best chaser on the map.

Now that jungling and ganking is out of the way I will go over my item build which makes my WW unique from others.

So I went over rushing Bloodrazor and my choice for boots. Next I will buy a vampiric scepter before or after my next piece. I am going for attack speed to combined with my passsive this is huge for going into battle with full health or staying alive in a big brawl. So where do I go next?

Well their is 2 different paths I could take. If our team has a tank and the enemy team is not 5 Ryze's I will buy a stinger. Next time I port back I will finish my Nashor's Tooth. But PEW MAGEWICK IS FAIL! Yes I know. Magewick is extremely fail.

And I have had people on my team tell me I suck for buying this. Sure it has mana regen on it which I could care less about because I will have blue buff up for most of the match. And it has ability power on it which I dont really care much for but is nice for hungering strike which can keep me alive in an explosive team fights and 95% of 1v1's. But as I explained at the begining this is an attack speed build and nashors has a nice 50% attack speed and a whopping 25% CD reduction.

So not only am I getting closer to the attack speed cap, I am powering up my Q. So now I will hit harder and faster, and give my self some survivability in all enemy confrontation. So now when I have the blue buff which will be up most of the time for me I am maxed CD with only 1 item going to it. I love it.

Now I hit another crossroads. Is the team mainly mana dependant? If so I will buy a wit's end. If only 1 or 2 have mana I will pick up a Sword of the Divine. At end game combined with w I will be VERY close to the attack speed cap so either ones unique will hit very respectfully. Also SOD active is great for alot of tanky champs or especially a Jax.

Most games will end at this point or before but if it doesnt I will usually grab a yomuus or if I seem to be dying more than the begining ill grab something tanky. Sunfire for melee or BV for alot of magic are my favorite choices.

If we have no tank I will go Tankwick but their is plenty of guides on that and this is a guide to carry with WW so ill leave that out.

Be aware that most fights the other team will focus you which is why people complain if you dont go the standard tankwick build. But the way to counter that is to be clever with brush, utilize your flash spell when you are about to die, Q a minion or a creep and proceed to stomp face, or just make sure your positioning is nice.

Another fun thing to do is use your amazing speed to walk around the enemy via the jungle when a fight breaks out, if you have time , and destroy retreating enemy carries as they run away from the action. Or rush them from behind and destroy their ryze, TF etc.

Also in general remember to grab wards and the situational and occasional FORT pot when porting back thruout the game.

Also dont forget during the jungling phase to help your allies if they need it or cover mid if they need to go shopping.

With this build I have been VERY successful. I have never been 1 upped by an enemy WW and I am a great asset to my team.

Thats it for my WW guide please feel free to critizise my guide or try it out. Like I said I am only at 1K ELO but I feel that when I get higher and as I get better, this build will still be viable aslong as my team has a tank.

kick some ass,

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What do you ppl think about my build?

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Senior Member


nice guide.... can u make sections like: items, runes etc. it makes it easier to read but very nice job....
ps haunting mask or whatever and sorc boots r great for his ult

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yea I can and his ult is physical damage so that stuff does nothing for it.