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Ranked Matchmaking/Surrender suggestion

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Hey everyone,

I really don't see any reason why you can't queue for ranked with a 3 or 4 man pre-made. I have two friends that I play LoL with regularly. It gets really old playing TT ranked over and over, and 5 man normals just doesn't have that same internal reward that playing ranked does. We do have a ranked 5s team, but getting all 5 of us playing together at the same time is a feat in and of itself, and it gets annoying having to constantly add temporaries who we barely even know (or don't know at all....just random friends list players) just to play ranked 5s if someone is unavailable.

Unless there is some sort of reason that I'm not seeing, these are the arguments I have for why 3 and 4 man groups should be allowed to ranked queue:

A. Just 1 troll can ruin a game. Duo queue aside, if one person queues ranked with the intent to troll, they will cost their team the game almost certainly unless the other 4 are amazing or there is a troll on the other team.

B. Duo queue gives you ALL the control that you need to troll if you want to. Two people can make it so that surrender votes never pass, and they can easily ruin the game if they want because it's impossible to win 3v5 with 2 trolls. Yet duo queue never seems to be an issue....what makes people think 3 or 4 man queue would be?

I can see 4 man queue pushing it, because it gives them complete control over the game because they can pass a surrender vote by themselves, but at least a 3 man ranked queue for 5s basically keeps things exactly the same as they are now, only it now opens the doors for more friends to be able to play ranked together.

My second suggestion has to do with ranked teams surrender option. I feel that there should be no time limit to surrender in a pre-made ranked team. When I play 3s with my friends and we KNOW we are getting blown out of the water by 10 minutes (because hey, sometimes it just happens), we should be able to surrender. Heck, we should be able to surrender at 1 minute if we wanted to because it's our team and our problem.

Just a simple suggestion, but I feel that it's sort of intuitive....if an entire team of players that know each other all agree to surrender after 5 minutes, why stop them?

Thanks for reading and any comments or further suggestions are appreciated =)