Ryze Guide: The League's Premiere AP Carry

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Hello everyone! I recently made a guide featuring the League's most well-known and famous mage. Come check it out and give me some feedback. I put a lot of effort into making this guide as complete and informative as possible. The guide contains everything from runes and masteries, items, and matchups. I've also added sections on teamfights, laning, and Ryze's signature spell combos. Thanks for reading!


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Missing Muramana and Gunblade, both of which synergise with his QWQ combos. Gunblade is more expensive than WotA, but also gives a slightly higher AP, as well as the active. Muramana gives an extra 3% current mana scaling on his Q and W, bringing ryze back up to his pre nerf stats, and the extra AD synergises with Iceborn Gauntlet for pushing. Gunblade (as a last item) would also give lifesteal on the autoattacks from Muramana.