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The Ends of Zeal and Fanaticism. [Leona + Diana]

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First LoL fanfic. Been a long time writer, mind you, but this is something that's been gnawing at the back of my head for a while.


Diana looked to her friend and smiled as she held the book, which was most likely heavier than her eight year old self could carry. Leona gave her a lop sided smile and helped her carry the tome through the Rakkor library. Their training was done for the day and so, instead of play acting the stories their parents would tell them about the mighty Solari, Diana and Leona would search through the rarely used books and tomes that the Rakkor and the Solari had collected over the centuries.

With a strangled gasp, both girls hefted the book upon one of the tables, sending more dust everywhere, to the amusement of one of the few Solari priests who allowed them access to the books.

In hushed whispers, Diana said to her friend, "It says that in the ancient days, Sola and Luna were two halves of the same whole. They would eternally chase each other. They would never seem to find an end to their race."

Leona, while not as studious as her friend, still understood enough to ask, "what would happen if one caught the other? Would they become one again?"

Not expecting the question, Diana went back to the book, and flipped through pages quickly to search for areas that may have had the answer. However, after a minute of fruitless searching, she sighed and closed the book.

"No answer?" Leona asked.

"No answer." Diana answered.

Both girls looked to the book, wondering if there was an answer to be found, if there was nothing to be found in what little the Solari had about the ancient legends of Sola and Luna.


With a savage grunt, Diana brought her Crescent Blade downward, only to find its intended target behind an enchanted shield. When Leona's sword came on the offensive, Diana lept back and swatted the attacks away. However, she had mistook an another swipe as a feint and realized her mistake too late as Leona's shield collided with her unguarded head. As the several dozen pounds of enchanted metal struck her, she lost hold of her weapon and fell to the ground.

The thunder above them both roared viciously as Diana fought to get her bearings back to see Leona standing over her with a grim face.

"So... what are you waiting for? Finish it!" Diana ordered hatefully.

"Finish what, Diana? The heresey? The fight?" Leona replied, incredulous.

"You need to ask me that? The Chosen of the Sun?" Diana spat.

"Yes, Diana. I'm asking you. That's the point of 'The Heresey' after all, is it not?" Leona bellowed as another thundercrash boomed behind them.

"No!" Diana roared. "The point was to darken the sun! The wipe it out and return the living to the-"

"It was not!" Leona shouted her down. "It was only one part. Both the Solari and you were wrong the whole time!"

To see Leona speak against the Elders was surprising. She was ever their lapdog. The Chosen of the Sun was to act in accordance with the now dead Solari Elders. New ones must have been chosen after Diana had slaughtered the old ones like pigs when they tried to execute her for her 'heresey'.

"No, Leona. It's either or. One or the other. There can be no peace!" Diana snarled as she tried to stand up despite her disadvantageous position. She discovered that Leona's strike had take out more of her strength than she thought as trying to stand up straight was an ordeal in it of itself. To her shock, she saw Leona walk over to her blade, raise her solari sword, and break the blade at both its hilt and the center of the blade.

"You're wrong, Diana," Leona said calmly, despite the tumult around them. She began to shake her head, "what I have done here is not for the Elders, the Solari, you, or anyone else. It's over. The Heresey is over. If you want to come back to the Solari, I would speak on your behalf. If you wish to live elsewhere, that is your choice. However, it is now pointless to continue this."

With that, Leona turned and started to walk away. The hateful glare on Diana's face returned in force and she silently drew a dagger from her back, "it is..." she hissed before charging, "for you!"

She would have easily stabbed Leona through the leather tunic had her target not dropped both sword and shield, spun around to grab her wrist to guide the dagger harmlessly away, and expose her side. Diana knew she was done for when she heard the sound of another blade being pulled out from a scabbard from somewhere else on Leona's person. She gasped loudly when she felt the splitting pain in her side.

"It is," Leona said solemnly.

Diana grit her teeth and expected the blood to seep through her mouth any second when she felt Leona's grip on her tighten from behind and hold her other arm so she was effectively trapped.

However, the pain she felt a moment ago faded when she looked down to see the blade that Leona had used on her, was being held upside down. Instead, Leona had jabbed the butt of the hilt in her side instead of the point of the blade.

"With this, Diana, you are dead. The world will know of your end. The Heresey is finished," Leona then let her go, picked up her own weapons, and continued, "one last thing; Diana. I've found out what should happen if Sola and Luna were to no longer chase one another."

Shocked, Diana looked to her old friend's face, now full of sorrow and regret, "we, their children, would perish."

Diana found her anger and hatred gone as Leona departed and left her alone. What was she to do now? It was then she noticed that the rain had stopped. And through the break in the storm, she noticed the first rays of the dawn in the distance. However, through another break in the clouds, she saw the moon as well, directly overhead.

She brought her hands to her face and began to weep. Whether it was relief or shame, she could not tell.


"The Heretic is dead?" Elder Soleil said with his hands clasped behind his back.

"Yes, Elder," Leona said confidently as she walked up to his desk and placed the destroyed remains of the Crescent Blade in front of them.

"Excellent," Elder Sole muttered with poorly concealed contempt, "that horried wretch got her just desserts."

"Still," Elder Sohn said regretfully, "it was such a waste. There was much we could have learned from her remains. It would have made trampling out any other Heretics all the easier."

"I decided to build a pyre and let her remains be returned to the sun. There, she will find forgiveness."

"Indeed she will," Soleil said quietly. "Now that this business is concluded, you may be on your way, Champion."

She nodded. "Thank you, Elders. By the Glory of the Sun."

They all nodded in return. "By the Sun's Light."


In her room, Leona had locked the door. With her armor discarded and now in simple robes, she padded to her desk and cleared out the mess to the leather mat on top. Gingerly, she lifted it up and opened a hidden compartment with a wave of her hand; a gift from the Lawwoman, Caitlynn. When the door opened, she gingerly removed the small book that had once been so large and so cumbersome when she and Diana were once children.

She slowly opened the tome to its middle and began to read.

"Shall you not wait for me?
Is it so hard to see?
Your gaze, so cold yet kind
Has never left my mind.

You're barely out of sight
At the edge of my light
Your shadow , in your wake
Forever haunts to this date

Shall I ever see you
And your deep subtle hues
Before our time shall end
And stop our children tend

Alas, tis not to be
Tis our harsh laws' decree
Like in all times before
Shall we sleep, ever more."

Leona closed her eyes, slowly closed the book, and longed for the simpler days when she and Diana had not a care in the world.


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I liked it a lot my only complaint is it was to short

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I liked it a lot my only complaint is it was to short

What in particular did you like, if you don't mind my asking?

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Personally I liked the fact that you kept the two as friends and did not make Leona into some mindless Zealot. In my mind Leona and Diana are friends and the only thing that cause Diana to go off the deep end was the elders trying to murder her for her beliefs. She originally wanted the Lunari and Solari to be allies. Its what makes her story so tragic.