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RiotPoints Character prices suggestion.

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I know riot is probably against this but, in my opinion, RP values should be based off IP values. For example, I wouldn't waste 975 RP on a character thats worth 3150 IP, because in my mind the 975RP is worth alot more than 3150IP. But if 3150 IP characters were 487RP I feel they would be equal value.
Just a suggestion that'll help the gamer's pocket and riot's pocket (more sales?)

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That would make sense, but from a business perspective they probably make just as much or more money from people caving in and just buying 3150s for 975rp than they would if slightly more people bought 3150s for less RP.

I don't have so much of a problem with this because I generally don't buy champions for RP unless they go on sale, but I've wondered myself why 3150+IP costs the same amount of RP.

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A big part of the way they price the champions on league for both rp and ip is based off of there cost rank, which is as follows

For Ip price you have this
Heroic (450IP)
Epic (1350IP)

and Rp is broke into the same ranks but with less sub prices

Tier 1 "Heroic" (260 RP)
Tier 2 "Epic" (585 RP)
Tier 3 "Legendary" (975 RP)

so the real question is why isn't the legendary tier split up into 3 levels like the IP Tier is, the answer to this is simple enough, you wouldn't really see the difference in the pricing unless the champion in question was on sale, you would still need to by a ten dollar card just to get enough rp to start buying the champions in question.

lets go ahead though and make up some numbers for the different legendary levels.

Legendary could be broke up like so

725rp = 3150ip
835rp = 4800ip
975rp = 6300ip

regardless of the lower prices for the other two levels you would still need to get a 10 dollar card, or roughly 1400 rp just to buy one 3150 ip champion and the only time they would actually still see and real increase with sales would be if the 4800 or lower champion was on sale.

So that is my reasoning on why they are not bothering to make sub tiers on the legendary price rank for rp.