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FranticGaming 5v5Ranked LF Support and Mid

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We are trying to start a serious LoL team. Must have Steam and Mumble to join, you must join Frantic Gaming(fG^). Right now we have 3 Serious players and the roles they play are ADC, Solo Top and Jungler. So we are looking for an Ap mid and Support. And specifics, I want people who can recognize situations and come up with solutions on their own. For example, know what item order to get and know how to counter-pick. And please play viable champions. As in good champions for that lane, I don't want people saying "I am good mid lane, I play AP Shaco mid.".......No, I don't want an AP Shaco mid who is gonna fall off late game and can't carry whatsoever. I am also looking for people who communicate a lot and have good map awareness. And most importantly, even though we are serious players, try to have fun while playing. I don't care how good you are, but if you start calling your own team "baddies" and "noobs", I have no problem kicking you. So yea, if you are interested in joining a team who is SERIOUS, FRIENDLY, and knows how to HAVE FUN, then send me a message through this forum or add me on League. Summoner name is: AznManDozer. Feel free to join our Mumble Server anytime. Address: Port:8887