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So about jungling... Why not another camp?

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Jack of Fury



Another camp for junglers that laners are discouraged to try to take.

A camp for junglers that only gives gold to the jungler himself, but gives him a lot.

A camp that because it's tough to kill, you won't see mid trying to go get it or bottom try to jack it. Also because it would be deep in the jungle, mid or bottom would waste time trying to get it.

A camp that's similar to half a dragon in toughness, and gives off like half the gold or more dragon gives, but only to the jungler.

Maybe it wouldn't spawn right at the start, so that it would mainly give the jungler a source of more income mid-late game, so they don't turn into another support.

Or maybe it would spawn at the start, offering more of a challenge and giving proper reward to junglers who are able to clear it.

Why or why not? Basically add something on to the jungle, maybe the problem is that it's too small and too easily stolen because well... it's small.