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Single Target Cursor Issue - Nami

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I find in the heat of the moment that it's very difficult to cast a single target ability when the cursor is hard to click on a champion.

Nami's E ability, that allows me to click on my ADC to give him a buff if difficult to click. The cursor is small, and my ADC is moving and usually is a tiny champion. It gets dramatically more difficult when there is a team fight, and it's chaotic.

Issue: The cursor targeting used on her E ability is tough to use.

Solution: Replace the tiny cursor targeting with a more smart target cursor that's used on some other champions. For example, it's easy for me to use Nautilus's Ult, as it smartly uses a big circle cursor and can intelligently determine the enemy champion I want to click on.

Again, this is not just for Nami, I think a lot of champions could benefit from this type of targeting cursor... Cho'gath's ult being another one that would benefit.

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One thing you can do is bind keys to target allied champions. I use zxcv for this. Then your E is E+Z for champion 1, etc. I do that all the time with Janna's shield and it makes reflex casts a LOT easier. With Janna, I can reliably shield harass like Caitlyn's Piltover Peacemaker, which is very hard if you have to move the cursor over to them.