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My apoligies

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Sorry I no GanK



Last night I played a ranked game and in which my team was pretty much winning but it was still anyones game aprox. a minute before most likely the final team fight of the game my ISP decided it was a good idea to shut down the internet to do maintenance and there was nothing i was able to do about it, I attempted to call my ISP but the line was dead. So if any of the following players read this

Jono lin

I am sorry.
This was also the game that was going to put me for the first time ever into the gold division so I was extremely mad. Sorry again to those players and hope I am forgiven

(made this thread mostly for when they accept me I dont have to explain everything and I may just link this to them)

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Senior Member


You don't get banned for one leave.

I don't even see a leave in your match history, so you probably weren't gone long enough for it to hit: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/19649390#history

I'm assuming it was the leona loss 14 hours ago.

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lol ur a fa gg ot