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Position tracker in match making

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I was just thinking that if when you go to queue up to play a game if there could be an option to check what position you want to play and it would help match you up with a team that needs that position to be filled. For example if you are playing with a four man pre-made and the position you need filled is a support it could search for players in the que that checked that they are willing to play a support. Its like what they did in WoW with the instance group finder where you can either check tank, dps, or healer except make if for league. Think this would really help team comp, and cut down on everyone fighting over what position they got in champ select. And I was wondering if this is something that would be able to be incorporated into the game. Also I was thinking that the position you could check could be like (solo top, mid, adc, support, jungle, and open if they are good with going anywhere)