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Win 5-6 games, lose the next four... Repeat.

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Is there a sick joke in the matchmaking system, or something?

In testing this ELO hell debate for myself I have noticed that once I get on a winning streak, and am placed as the team captain (where I can choose a hero that will make a difference, instead of filling in slots) each game. The next few games I am then placed as fourth or fifth pick, which is fine... I thought it meant I was breaking through the walls of this 1250-1400 bracket so I can brag that it is possible to carry yourself out without duo queing.

Little did I know... Once I started getting paired with the 1300-1400's, I get paired with people, that in my opinion, should be below the 1000 rating threshold. Feeders, trolls, leavers, terrible picks and map sense despite my furiously pinging and calling MIA's on EVERY lane, item suggestions, and organizing ganks.

There's no preventing the inevitable 0-7-0 swains, 1-10-2 tristana's; no matter how much I attempt to help out. I gank their lanes, and they end up attempting to turret dive the one we got low and flashed to the turret, instead of switching to the one i'm pinging who will die easily if focused, or get a double kill on them via turret assistance if they continue chasing the one that got away.

Now my ELO goes back to where it was when I started my win streak, and I get paired with people who are a joy to play with once again, against a team that is also free of feeders or poor play making decisions.

Perhaps it's the time of day (as I get good matchups at night, poor during the day) or maybe just a sick joke in the RNG.

This isn't really a complaint, I just wanted to know if other have this happen to them constantly in this 1200-1500 bracket which is seemingly impossible to break out of by no fault of my own. This is a fact, as I still have a solid solo que rating on my other account but I don't have my pretty skins on that one.