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The Archetype Thread.

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Which type of gamer do you hate/love in LoL?

Personally I hate br gamers the most.

BR: initials that represent "Brazillian". They speak portugese and seem to say 'Puta' a fair amout. They also steal your kills when playing an online game, ask you for wards, then run off saying they are gonna report you. They speak horrible english, and say NUB! and "I r n0+ nub" lots. [Extracted+modified from Urban Dictionary]

Other examples are;

The King- the guy who gets the lucky lane with the mega-feeder(s) on the other team with his carry. He kills them repeatedly, gets fed, runs around the map boasting about how awesome he is and ganks the other lanes repeatedly. This wouldn't be so bad if it helped any. He never pushes, he jungles all the time, he wont stfu and everyone is getting pissed off, eventually the other team pushes a lane down while he chases a feeder halfway across the map. He thinks he can give everyone orders because his k/d is so good. By endgame he has 20 kills and 7 deaths, you still lose because the enemy just focused him in teamfights, having more towers down because your fed carry never pushed, you lose and he rages, calling your team ****ty and your mother a *****.

The Spiked-Shield- This is the tank that goes in after the teamfight starts. Usually a selfish player with a good amount of skill (Garen users excluded.) and takes the kills the carries would have gotten because the carries were the tanks and now the enemy is almost dead, Sunfire Amumu is a good example of a champion a CarryTank uses. He ruins games by not having any tower pushing potential and eventually the enemy learns his game and runs away after killing your front line champions.

The Feeder- The guy that doesn't say much of anything, he just dies. a lot. 1. A moderately skilled player affected by lag or bad luck/judgement and when he dies his team(mates) bag on him for it and make him depressed/rage. He then stops caring what happens and makes stupid mistakes, thus sending him into a deeper depression/rage. 2. A bad player or player that is distracted by real life events (aka television or nagging/honry girlfriend)

Bob the Builder- The guy with the stupid build that everyone knows is crappy but he saw it once on someone that went 20/0 and doesn't realize the guy that did it not only got very lucky, but also probably has 300+ games using that champion under his belt. examples; DPS Janna, DPS Annie, AP Trynd, Tank Karthas, Attackspeed Chogath, etc etc.

Hoffman- The guy that watched the champion spotlight and copies everything from it, this guy was around a lot after the pantheon spotlight and they come out for a few days after every new one. No originality, when a good player does it it can work, but the good/bad ratio is vastly one-sided.

Jim-John- The carry that wont get into teamfights. He plays so defensively by the time he actually stops farming and begins to fight, your team has already lost over 9000 towers and the farmer has died from teamganks. He plays like a drunk bot and wont listen to anything anyone says. They usually buy defensive items first and are always completely useless.

The Martyr- the guy that checks all the bushes at stupid times, the guy that has a decent number of kills and twice that many deaths. Different from a feeder because he is useful.. if he was every alive for teamfights. He's at the head of the pack. Usually a bad tank or cocky carry. The enemy blows their load on him if they are stupid, so sometimes he's useful as an ultmeatshield but usually they aren't dumb enough and just rip him apart and move on to 5vs4 you.

Angel- The feeder seeking redemption by getting tower killing gear and backdooring like he's getting paid for it. He's smart enough to know he can't teamfight because he's underleveled/bad at it/full of lagcakes. With the right champions Angels can be game-changing but usually it's a bad tank or stealth champion. Good angel champions include; Miss Fortune, Twitch, Shaco, Corki, Twisted Fate, Manamune Alistar, DPS Eve, Hiemer(pre-nerf, he's good for nothing now...) Really any champion that can have a viable DPS build (not crit, LS, AP, Tank or anything not based on AD/AS.) and has decent escape potential just in case things go wrong. If you build one of these from the beginning and do this while your team pushes 4vs5 on the other side of the map you can usually down a tower and gtfo while half the enemy comes to gank you, then your team can push 4vs3 or 4vs2 and take the tower. The thing is, if your team isn't smart they wont do it and then you fail. The only time the enemy team will send 1 person to gank you instead of 2+ is if it's their fed carry or if you're so low you aren't a threat.

EU Player- They talk about Euros and useless things not relevant to the NA server, they usually don't speak English and can't get good enough to compete with Americans/Canadians so they team us in 4s and 3s only to feed the entire game, babble nonsense, and lag the game out.

The horny 13 yr old in vent- The reason girl gamers don't use vent. The immature guy that hits on her and/or compliments her constantly hoping to get e-laid or something. The best defense for these is to tell him to provide airfare and a hotel room or gtfo. If they can, let them. Use their ticket and go there for lulz. Make sure it's a 2-way ticket and don't meet up with them. Have them mail it to a P.O. Box and for funsies call the hotel and tell them a crack/weapons smuggler is staying in the room and LOL when he gets arrested for the drugs he probably brought with him that they found in his stuff.

g0d07- The humble guy that just rocks everyone's socks off. He doesn't boast, he has good sportsmanship, he calls AND pings mias and says it in vent as well. He has a beautiful voice and helps everyone out by giving pointers and backing you up against ragers. He has a great sense of humor, the girl gamer in vent keeps e-flirting with him but he shows no interest because he has a model girlfriend/wife irl, he might even have kids he holds while he plays and laughs good-naturely as even his kids make you look bad at the game. He hasn't won many games, he rarely gets a negative score, he jumps in and saves you from ganks. Usually a Janna or Shen player but occasionally a TF or GP will pop in there as well as any CC-heavy champion because he's smart enough to know CC wins games. You seethe with jealousy and wait for the moment you can burst his bubble. You usually win with him on the team, he's a great guy and a good sport, nothing about him is wrong and you hate it. You imagine in your mind that his life is terrible, but it isn't. No his wife doesn't cheat on him, no his kids aren't half-dog, this guy really is the ****. Women want him, men want him even more.

Any more?