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out of arena Chapter 2

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Authors note. I got a request for a fiction on Volibear, so here it goes.
Disclaimer: I do not own any champions and or ideas. Intellectual rights belong to riot games.
this is actually a fiction i post on another website. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8605122/1/Out-of-the-arena
is the link to the chapter on that site.
The Thunders Roar belched loudly. Voli grinned at the flinch it brought forth from the crowd of patrons in the bar. A larger establishment, Pentakill’s Alehouse was the most popular bar in the city. Many champions came here to let loose, it was much better than drinking in the Institute.
Volibear turned towards the familiar voice smiling, an act which made most people flinch again, the sight of large teeth gleaming.
“I figured you would need a handicap since I have a couple of tons on you. Come on, sit down should be a good time.”
Ashe strode through the crowd flitting between clusters with an almost unnatural grace. She pulled up a char and sat down, waiting for a server that was already scurrying to comply. It was uncommon to see one of the favorites of the League in Public, let alone in a bar.
“Well I don’t know, I swear that with the maintenance going on and the inaction I gained a few pounds. I hope these pants don’t make my ass look big.”
That caught the attention of many of the younger patrons of the bar. Some league champions would talk to normal people, and some had claimed they did more than ‘talk’. Of course none of them made a move to go talk to her, sitting across from a giant bear often discouraged people from the attempt.
“I don’t wish to speak of the league tonight. I brought you here for another reason.”
“You brought me somewhere? I thought you would let me ride on your back if you were to bring me somewhere.” Ashe teased.
“Am amusing thought, but you ought to ask Hecarim, I saw him allowing Lulu to do just such a thing, she seemed to find it thrilling.”
Ashe took her drink thanking the waiter, who didn’t appear flustered to be serving two Champions of the league. Taking a swig Ashe shook her hair back, thinking about the reaction of Hecarim if she were to hop onto his back during a match.
“Anyway, I was hoping to ask your opinion. There is an event coming up not celebrated among the Ursine. I believe it is called “Halloween’? I was hoping to ask your opinion on it.”
“That’s right you were knocked out during the celebrations last year. This year mind you don’t drink with Gragas, you may be a heavyweight but he’s a titan. Well what do you want to know? There is going to be a big party and all Chmapions are invited. It’s funny to see fans dress up as their champions, and is a good chance to have some fun. Tryndamere is going, and so are a few other champions.”
“Why am I not surprised the only one you know about for sure is Tryndamere? So there is no events or any such thing? Just costumed mingling?”
“Well there’s dancing. That could be fun to see. You should ask Annie to dance, that would be a sight to see.”
“If I didn’t crush the child yes perhaps.”
“Well You should go. It will be a good chance to talk with the other champions and meet some fans. I would wager that you will be a hit with the fans. Just don’t let anyone ride on your back.”
“Of course not. Not am I a mule?”
A few hours slipped by with small talk and after both were staggering back Ashe passed out. Muttering Volibear dropped to all fours and put the small archer on his back and began walking to the institute.
Master Yi slipped up beside the bear and looked at his back. After a few steps he slid a camera out and took a couple pictures. The flash, made Volibear blink.
“That’s one for the papers. See you later.”
Master Yi began sprinting, Volibear attempting to give chase but was unable to run straight and the small blade master slipped away.
“Stupid Yi.”