S3 and Melee AD Carries

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ITT: Personal experience and opinion of an average player.
So far I've found (just from pubs):

The Ravenous Hydra is absolute godmode necessity, especially on Fiora and Sion.

Fiora is beastmode with the new items, probably because she was the only melee AD carry capable of winning top lane before S3.

I'm yet to try Tryndamere, but I've seen a few people do well. I've also seen others feed all day every day.

Master Yi and Sion are still insanely difficult, given that they still get stomped in the laning phase by almost every top lane ever. However if you survive your lane (meaning, you don't die more than once per 5 minutes on average and maintain at least a decent farm rate) you'll end up being extremely formidable late game. Sion tends to get kited all day though, nothing new there.

Of course this is incredibly bias as well given that probably 8/10 games have a Teemo.

Anyone else been trying out the melee AD carries?