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Ask Akali

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Ásk Akali:
Akali furrowed her brows at this oddly energetic summoner, almost curiously but also slightly pained from the sound she made. Listening to her proposition, she patiently awaits for the summoner to finish, attempting to imagine where in the world she was going with this. Upon finishing, she sighs and looks at her.

"Summoner, what do you think I am? A circus act?" She pats her head. "As much as I appreciate your innocence and intent, that is not what being a ninja is about. Have you sold any to any other champions?" She asks curiously.

The summoner pauses hesitantly.

I don't... I mean... I couldn't think that about you Kali, you're you and that's enough for now, I didn't mean to be disrespectful or anything I just...

The summoner bursts into tears, grabbing the bottom of Akali's clothing and clutching it to her face, her voice is muffled and difficult to hear through her sobbing.

It's just s-so haaard! I-I didn't think opening a business would be this *hic* difficult! No one wants to buy my wares and-and I'm not a good summoner so I can't put on a good show or enter competitions to w-win money or anything!
And I'm so stressed out I can't concentrate and n-now they're threatening to throw me out of the Institute of War if... if I don't sh-shape up.

She blows her nose on your clothing and looks up at you with pleading eyes, still clutching your waist.

So I opened a shop, I... I thought I could make a living out of doing what I love.
Y'know, making explosions and loud noises, but there's nothing I can... do.

I can't... I just can't.