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Caitlyn Gudie Please View

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^^^ My first guide, please let me know what i can fix on it. Please view it so it can get mroe famous. Thank you.

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Ok, im not a 1.4k+ elo player, im hovering at 1090 right now, with 10-1 with Cait, yes im getting out of the lower elo bracket with her.
Your masteries seem about fine, i take the durability all the 4 points on it, 2 on armor and 2 mr and the veteran scars with it, offensive is fine the way it is.
For runes i go Armor pen Marks, Flat AD Quints and Seals and Attack Speed Glyphs.
Your build seems to be fine, althought im not fond of the HR, personally i don't like it.

Start Doran's sword, althought with the lifesteal swapped for 5hp with each hit it's just not as good as it was, the HP and damage early with the runes i have make you hit hard, fast and last longer.
The skill sequence is fine, W then Q then E, then Max Q first, R whenever and E for the placement utility it has.
I don't really like the guides at lolking since they are way too straightforward, for example at solomid the authors have the chance to say whatever they want about how to deal with the champion at hand.
And if you feel you don't need the GA Swap it for the Statikk Shiv, the Crit chance combined with the item passive + att speed and damage makes it more worthiwhile as a six item than any other, 75% practically would let you hit 1.5k headshots easy.
And if you're really into caitlyn remember you can splitpush and kill any gapcloser enemy easier than most adc, just put the trap behind you cast q+e at the same time (yes cast time animation would make you fire both at the same time) and aa them to death, ignite or ult or both if needed.

Hope this helps, but as i said, im not a high elo player, so wait if ya want to for a higher elo member to come and give feedback.
Good luck.