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machete and new jungle.

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I get what they were trying to do, open up the jungle to other champs and at the same time make it more difficult for ganks at early level. However there are a few things that ruins the jungle with the new item, although I'm sure a lot of people probably mentioned it before, the fact is the current state of the jungle and the machete doesnt offer much diversity.

See the machete is a great item and I love the concept of building into spirit stones for different classes. the problem is that in the current jungle, you cut out the starting item diversity because your pretty much forced to start with the machete if your a jungler and makes it more prone to invade the enemy jungle ( not always bad) and it slows down your core build so when you do end up ganking... its not quite effective since other lanes are usually not slowed in their builds the way the jungle is at the time seems to make it easy to get behind in levels and gold alot if you try to gank or get counter jungled. Keep in mind, usually the role of the jungler isnt just to provide support to the lanes but also to break the metagame in a way so lanes needs to be careful. with the introduction of the sightstones wards are less of a burden and much more present and that doesnt count the fact that the oracle only last 5 mins now and still at 400, which makes it hard to make it worth its while. Also it seems like the item cost for upgrading the spirit stone into a final form seems slightly too much in its current state, while granted they are interesting, the current cost of 2400 for an item that seems to be more like a 2.5 tier is slight too much if you dont want to fall behind.

dont know if that made sens... to be it kinda did.
I pretty much think the jungle lost item build variety and alot of its speed in a way, champions that jungle are FORCED to start with a machete and influence their core build I get they wanted to reduce the chance of ganks at lvl 2 but support get a free ward with enought masteries. my suggestions:
1- make the jungle abit less hard so champs arent forced to use the machete but make it still a viable option that way you still get other item starting option in the jungle, but in exchange raise the cost of the machete so you dont start machete 5 pots since the clearing speed it offers is just amazing.
2- to help prevent lvl 2 ganks for bot lane if you change the jungle again, give perhaps another 30 sec to the ghost ward duration, also make the cookie abit more viable,alot of support although they find it interesting do think its lacking.