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League of Legends loading in the wrong location

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Hi, I run a dual monitor setup, and about half the time, after champion select, the game itself, the load screen, will load off center on my main monitor (main monitor is directly in front of me, secondary is off to the right.) Sometimes it loads right in between the two monitor, towards the bottom, as if I had 4 monitors in a 2x2 configuration and it was loading centered between the 4 monitors. Other times it loads on the bottom left corner of the main monitor.

Before the pre-season 3 patch, this wasn't that big of a problem, because I could just go into settings and change from borderless windowed mode to fullscreen, then back, and that would fix the problem. But now, the new settings window is too big and I can't hit the OK button, and therefore cannot apply the new settings.

Also, when I alt+F4 out of the leading screen and attempt to reload into the game, the client just freezes and won't go into the load screen. Like the monitor will go black as if it were going into the load screen, then it will stop responding.

Does this happen to anyone else? And has anyone found any fixes for it?

If it helps to know, I'm running Windows 7 Pro, AMD 965BE, AMD Radeon HD5870, and 16GB LP Vengeance memory.

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I just started having this problem after messing around with my video settings. Also have a radeon card and dual monitors.