@riot lore department a few questions

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Ok first story so these have context a group of friends of mine like to do theme games Noxus vs Demacia and such. most of the time we are pretty good with determining what counts as what but sometime we get to weird arguments that are hard to make a clear decision, and looking at the character list doesn't help. My best example is Morgana and Riven. they are both affiliated with Noxus one of them shouldn't be if you are going to say that your affiliation is who born with that Morgana shouldn't be Noxus she wasn't even born on Runeterra. if your logic is who they joined before joining the league then riven makes no sense as she left Before Ionia joined the league and the Ionia vs Noxus match happened so she clearly wasn't affiliated with Noxus upon her joining.

TLR riot how do you decide what champ is affiliated with what city-state/region.