Artifacts coming out of character models

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Psychotic Draven

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At a baron fight, the enemy team (malphite, maokai, amumu, leona, galio) all ulted at once as well as my team ults and all of a sudden I get streaks coming out of the models of the champions in-game.

I had to exit the game and come back for it to reset.

My specs:

2x i7-3960x extreme 3.3ghz 6-core on dual cpu motherboard (overclocked: 5.0ghz, 4.9ghz)
64gb ram
3tb hdd & 240gb ssd (game is on hdd)
3x 7970 msi twinfrozr 3gd5 crossfired (overclocked: .993v 1050mhz 1500mhz, .993v 1250mhz 1500mhz, .993v 1150mhz 1450mhz)
windows 7 ultimate 64bit

I have the latest drivers for all of my components and latest w7 version.
I also have FPS limited at max game settings.
Was wondering if this is a common problem, or if this was a one time thing. also, when in the shop and I'm clicking excessively (OCD) very rarely I would get screen flashes so quick that I can't tell the color (yellow or white).

Thanks Riot, you're the best!

Edit: also, my system is stable as I have done numerous stress testing and stability testing with the above mentioned clock speeds. every game works fine (except for known issues)