Great Kpop songs.

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Well I thought it'd be nice to share these awesome songs with you guys.

A little bit about the songs, my playlist consist of Touhou remixes, Volcoaid, EXIT TRANCE, and much more.
If you want to hear some sample songs of what my playlist contains here are a few of each of the three I mentioned.
Driven' De;St-ructure2-

I usually listen to High upbeat songs but I do know a lot of artist that make Classic songs if you're interested. Other then that I'd be happy to show you my playlist here all of the ones im listening to.

Playlist1- - This one contains mostly Touhou remixes like Alstroemeria Records and others. I actually prefer my playlist short because I can get to the good songs faster.

Playlist2- - All Volcoaid.

Playlist3- These songs are mostly Touhou but they are jazz/soft-beat. I don't listen really list to this music but when I do, I make sure its FELT or Flower Flag.

I have many more playlist but I'm waiting for some feed back and responses of these songs. Also if you have some songs of these genre id be happy to listen to it and maybe if there awesome id post them up here.