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Incorrect Ban by Tribunal.

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You got banned because you were an ass. Pretty clear if you ask me.

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Time Wizzzarrd:
I agree with most everything you just said. What I disagree with, is the degree of punishment. This could have EASILY been considered a warning but wasn't because of the time between my last ban and this one. (One month) I also disagree with your statement about whether or not it is okay to change roles within the laning phase. This is a strategic move on my part that should have VERY LITTLE effect on whom ever's lane I move into. With that being said, I clearly show the viability of this strategy in my Game 1 in which I come out positive in an otherwise failing game. My argument here is that I am being banned for actions that are far to mild to be considered bannable. The ability to ban someone for saying something non-productive is just ludicrous. (Assuming it isn't racist, vulgar, profane, ect...)

With time bans that means you have already recieved a warning and no one knows how long it takes to degrade. I'm thinking 6 months or more. I'm not sure what lvl of suspension you are on but you seem to lack an understanding in what is appropriate commentary for in game chat. My advice....stick to mia or re....and ding for caution or to target. Oh and give warnign to your lane partner when you are gonna b. Running commentary in chat isn't needed and makes people ask....how is this guy playing if he is typing a book in the chat box?