Cases where I was in the minority

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Space Racist

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So sometimes, I may vote to Punish or Pardon where the community at large disagrees with me. I'm cool with that. But for some of these cases, I'm just a little confused as to why others would vote opposite to me.

  • I voted Punish based on:
  • Game 1: "Xin Zhao [00:22:16] i did and my strategy didnt work ass****."
  • Game 2: "Xin Zhao [00:00:49] sorry guys my brohers a *** and got on the internet"
  • "Xin Zhao [00:05:28] no one helped me when i asked ***"
  • Game 3: "Kayle [All] [00:11:56] owned ****"

  • I voted Punish based on:
  • Game 1: "Twisted Fate [00:12:40] you ****ing moron"
  • "Twisted Fate [00:13:38] you're also ****ing terrible"
  • "Twisted Fate [00:15:48] how about watch the ****ing minimap"
  • + various other verbal abuse, in reaction to someone who was also not being nice either - but that doesn't excuse the language used.

  • I voted Punish based on:
  • Game 2: "Rumble [00:30:42] ****ing play"
  • "Rumble [00:30:45] you're way outta lane scrub"
  • "Rumble [00:31:38] you're just starting ****"
  • "Rumble [00:31:51] like a ****** just ****ing play"

I'm really just looking for feedback from fellow reviewers as to why I seem to be in the minority in these cases by voting Punish, when I thought the cases definitely warranted a warning at very least, mostly due to negative attitudes and langauge. More insight in to how you guys see these cases will help me to shape my decision making a bit to ensure I'm making the best choices possible in cases.

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Yeah, this happens sometimes. It could be because people really skim over cases, only looking at the first case or so, some are just way too nice, who knows sometimes its the trolls that do the cases and they don't see it being bad if the person played well (I know, crazy). The only thing I can say is not every system is perfect, these represent those few cases that slip through the gaps.

Just keep voting how you're voting now. And know this, if these players are continuously like this they will end up in tribunal again and most likely not be judged by more lenient players the next time.