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A Summoner's Home

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Mr Ratz

Senior Member


Hello there fellow Fan Fiction fans,

This is my first writing about League, and I will be honest with all of you, it is not a story. If you truly want to point out that I am posting this in the wrong forum, go for it. I would rather you at least read everything I have to say before you tell me I am posting this in the wrong place. What you will read below is an idea I had on how to implement more lore through game play in the game we love. I feel that the fanfic community (which is the one where I spend most of my time in) really appreciates lore, hence why I would like to bring your attention to this.

Mr Ratz:
Dear Community,

I have been mulling over this idea for a while and I would like to share it with you and hear your feedback. I really appreciate you guys reading this, I know it is long. It is this long because I want to make sure I fully express my idea (If its length will stop you from reading, there is a TL;DR in the end, just scroll down). I know there are many players that don't care much about lore, but there are a great number that do. From what I have seen, requests for more/new lore is nothing new, and I do not intend to continue this post as another repetitive request. Many of these requests for that are for thematic matches like the Ionia vs. Noxus Grudge Match. That event was really awesome, especially because it actively changed Runetera’s world. But honestly, how often can that happen before the lore becomes meaningless since its changing all the time? I don't think very often.

Riot has taken notice of the desire for more lore, and they have added a lot of it with the Shadow Islands update and the new TT. Also, new champions add a lot to the lore of old champions (ex: Zed), and that has received mixed reviews. However, I feel that not enough about the "core" lore of Runetera has been added. What I mean by core lore is the Demacia vs. Noxus conflicts and political struggles within the major city-estates. The Journal of Justice ended just as huge changes happened (ex: Swain became Grand General of Noxus) and it left many questions unanswered (ex: Du Conteau). Since they seem to want to improve on the lore, I hope this will catch their attention.

Kitae has said on the forums they are looking for ways to implement lore through game-play, which is really hard for MOBAs. Riot has been trying to do that (Ex: Altar quotes in TT). Well, I think this was a good initiative, but I feel that quotes for different champions do not involve the player in the lore. A player in the league of legends is a summoner!! I know this is such an obvious statement as we are always greeted as such by riot, but I feel that the gameplay doesn’t fully reflect the actions of a summoner within the league. It does, as we control the champions during the match. However, the League was created to settle conflicts between city-estates, thus it houses (mostly) summoners of every city states looking to contribute/fight for their home. Well, since we are these summoners I believe we should be able to choose and represent our “home”. Why not implement a system where you can choose what faction you are affiliated to? Become a Noxian or a Demacian Summoner... Give us something to fight for.

As I see it, there are two options. A player/summoner chooses his faction in the beginning (when choosing summoner name) or maybe after reaching a certain milestone (Level 30?). Existing players would be able to choose their factions on their first log in after the update. This would get all the new and existing players a little more involved and hopefully more interested in the wonderful lore that has been created for this game.

As a Player who likes lore interactions, there is nothing more satisfying then winning a match when there is a rivalry involved. Stopping a Dianna from jumping your carry with a nice Leona stun is one of my favourite league moments. I believe that this would just enhance such experiences. And I believe this can even be taken further with events/ladders determined by the summoner’s affiliation. Am I the only one who would feel that the game is more intense fighting for Ionia against a Noxian team? Defeating Piltover with Zaun, proving technological supremacy? I think not. I don’t intend this to affect normal and especially not ranked ladders. Riot has worked hard on matchmaking and everything else to do with them, they are already good. But maybe a separate ladder for factions? Maybe this would only count during certain events? It would be up for riot to decide, as they know their job better than I do. For these thematic matches, I envisioned something like champion restrictions (Ex: a Noxian summoner could not summon Garen), allowing them to only pick allied/neutral champions. I understand this might make things umbalanced, hence why this wouldn’t affect the regular ladders. I also think it might be really fun and new strategies could be developed.

We, summoners, could show our affiliation to our city-estate in the normal ladders, through summoner Icons, Profile/Loading screen banners and maybe ward/champion skins. There features have been successfully implemented through S2 championship / rewards and Harrowing 2012, so I don’t think it would be too difficult to implement. I wish I had the artistic skills to create an example of what some of these boarders could look like, but I fail at arts. If anyone wants to give it a try, please be my guest. . (Ex: Demacian boarders would be white and gold, with noble and rich look)

Non-holiday based events could be created from this, like tournaments between factions. The Noxus vs. Ionia match come to mind, but this time more than just 10 players could be actively involved in the outcome. This brings the possibility of rewards for the players of the winning faction. I know I would be happy with bragging rights, which would be more evident with a server leaderboard. But there are those greedy players out there.

Now, this sounds like a lot of work, developing the artwork, coding it all and maybe creating a whole new matchmaking system. Riot’s interest is to make this a better game experience (which I believe this would do) but they are also a business. How could they do this without breaking the bank? They could charge for the features mentioned above. I know I would not mind paying for a customized banner or ward skins. They could also charge a fee if a summoner wishes to change factions (similar to name change/server transfer). [Hippalus seems to be taking a very active approach on renewing Riot’s ecommerce transactions. I hope he takes a look at this]

With such a rich lore, there are quite a bit of factions that come to mind:
-Bandle City

And there is always the possibility to explore alliances between each faction (Ex: Noxus and Zaun).

Well, this is my idea. It’s something I have daydreamed about for a while. I believe it would enhance the current in game experience and maybe attract new players. I would really appreciate to hear community and Riot’s opinion on this matter.


Mr. Ratz

For all of those who don't like the wall of text above (TL;DR):

What: I would love to see riot implement a feature where you can choose to which faction (ex: Noxus, Demacia) you as a summoner are allied to.
How: Possibly a new queue for thematic matches with champion selection restrictions, implementation of thematic boarders, summoner Icons, Ward/champion skins
Why: To integrate more lore through gameplay.
Profit for Riot: Improving player experience and charging for faction changes (like name changes) and Visual changes (skins/boarders)
Other features: Server Scoreboard, monthly tournaments, small rewards

Tell me what you think!

Here is the link for the Thread in the General Discussion Forum (A more appropriate place for it, I agree): http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2888325
Please bump it up there if you like this idea, since GE has so much more traffic. I would hate to see this get completely buried.

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Lore discussion or GE is about ten times better tbh. I won't downvote, but its really better there than here.

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Mr Ratz

Senior Member


I have posted it both in GD and in lore discussion. I just felt like sharing this with this community as well. I know quite a few people here that would appreciate this idea.

The link for the GD post is above.

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Mr Ratz

Senior Member