The Black Cleaver...

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It now takes them 20 attacks to negate the effect of just the Warmog's, not your own HP. Never mind that Cleaver doesn't give any attack speed or crit chance.

Seriously, building health counters armor pen/shred builds. Right now, Cleaver's broken because they forgot the unique tags, but health STILL works very well.
Seems to me that a Red elaborated on this not too long ago: it's really very simple; armor pen (and % shred) is completely useless against true hit points. QuadCleaver also doesn't grant much defense, which means that even with less AD/AP than them, you should still win, because even if you have to attack one extra time per 3/4/5 of their attacks, they still have to hit you some 40 times before you die. And odds are they can't take 40 of your hits.

This is of course a very narrow scope here, and I was rather hyperbolic before trying to drive the point home, but the fact remains that thinking outside the box will allow you to prevail against cleaver stacking.