Bugs kicked my butt

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Uke Yordle

Senior Member


FPS: 95
Ping: 81
but im suffering from complete packetloss, i have 4-7 second delays and im serious on those numbers, i never went threw this with S2 so idk what to do anymore

i see 4-7 black cleavers every match, and they shred me even with my awesome 250+ armor.

my game likes to crash randomly now

the store freezes my client when i attempt to buy rp i have to get lucky with it

theres some bugs and some make the game unfun

so im taking a break from lol until the next patch to see if it clears this up

and yes i already cussed out my isp >_> (they took $50 off my next bill as well)

See ya next patch my fellow summoners