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New AD Items Commentary

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Black Cleaver: very nice package. The value of health and armor penetration early game as well as the small parts that build up to the main item makes this an excellent value added item to the AD caster family with the AOEs and multiple damagings per spell getting the maximum out of the armor shredding passive.
Note: Riot didn't make the CDR unique or the passive, so its a hot commodity to stack right now.

Blood Thirster: Riot nerfed everything else, but they buffed this item. BT now starts with 70 AD. Riot did nerf the overall lifesteal that can be stacked to 18%, but with the new ways to multiply your Lifesteal this is by no means much of a loss. AD Casters rejoice and AD Carries now find the old BT more obligatory than ever.

Ravenous Hydra: This item eats faces. I now have a 3rd button to push on pantheon. I Q, W, E, 2, Q. 2 is my hydra key. So much damage. Also, this thing lifesteals everything it touches. Also, it does physical damage so it stacks your Black Cleaver. Wow. Just hur hur hur love this item. All men are pleased.

Infinity Edge: obligatory on AD Carries with their auto attacky goodness. Not much else to say here. Still good for damaging things despite the small drop in AD. I don't build this on my AD casters any more. It's still great on Carries.

Zephyr: this is the new go to item for attack speed, move speed, 20 AD and tenacity. I see nothing wrong here. Mercury treads? Who needs those? Cloak and dagger was never this beefy.

Ghost Blade: builds out of avarice blade. Avarice blade is good for improving your farming benefits. Lil wraiths look more tasty with this item. Ghost blade active is now more attractive as an escape mechanic but weaker as an aggression tool for auto attacks. Overall, the speed buff is more handy than ever, but the attack speed is still attached to the active which makes this a relatively weak item when compared to its brother BC or the mighty BT.
Note: Riot didn't make the CDR unique or the passive, so you can stack the CD and the AP. However, since the BC gives so much more AD and Health most people aren't building this.
@Riot: I see what you are trying to do with this, but i dunno. Maybe reduce the active to 30 seconds and increase the AD to 50. Assume players are building through the Brutalizer and skipping the benefits of the gold per five. Adjust the cost accordingly.

Blade of the Ruined King: This item stacks with WW's ultimate well although doing less damage than a MBR. BotRK is great for killing Baron Nashor due to the 50% health siphoning off the passive. Blade of the Ruined King is good on AD champions that build a lot of AD, providing one more active to unleash upon your foes that heals equal to it's damage. Riot has called it a good peal item. It stacks well with the Hurricane as too, because the full on hit affect takes affect. I am not sure if full 50% life steal from the passive affects each enemy as well. I also see this as a potent item for tanky dps who benefit the most from the life steal element.

Spirit of the Eldar Lizard: Ok, so this is only 50 AD and a cool passive, but what a cool passive! The passive does 60 over 3 seconds true damage. It's really nice and very killy. If you have spells that do physical damage in large areas on short cool downs this is a must have. When I jungle I love this item. Stacks so well with your BC with its on spell damage affecting enemies. Note, unlike BC the Spirit of the Eldar Lizard procs on magical spell damage too. As your enemies burn they will curse your superior mojo. The health regen has a tiamat-eskity to it. Stack with Ravenous Hydra to greatly increase jungle speed.

Mecurial Scimitar: In theory a very nice item. I finally built one last game, but never got to use it. I will build one eventually and pwn with this. It is written. It just looks like it pwns. Right? I think so. I generally go with my gut.

Frozen Mallet: More AD. Ohyeah! Lost some slow. Oh well.

Atma's: builds out of a gold farming item. Has less crit. Getting warmer. I would still rather buy a Sunfire or a Randuins.

Right now I am running: Mercury Treads, BC, BT, RHydra, MScimitar and another BT. I love pressing my new actives so much.

Good luck warriors.

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Just played a game as jungle tankwick, and I can attest to the fact that Ruined King is amazing on warwick, particularly late game.

After getting my full build I (Merc Treads/Wits End/GA/Warmogs/Frozen Heart) I replaced my Wriggles with BotRK and basically became unstoppable once I engaged with my ult and activated hunters call, his high attack speed, Q, warmogs regen and passive made it so that any damage I was taking was immediately offset to the point that I was able to ignore the nexus and keep the opponents busy while our ADC chipped away to victory.

While not as much damage as a Bloodrazer, its definitely a great item on tanky champs who can abuse on hit items such as Warwick, Shyvana or Kayle.