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The infamous RETRY connection error

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Sinister Zomb

Junior Member


A long time ago (over a year) I had this issue where I would receive a notification error claiming firewall/antivirus was blocking me from connecting to the game RETRY or CANCEL. Clicking retry would allow me to connect and play but having to do this before every single match became annoying, so I submitted a ticket over the issue where riot staff told me it had something to do with my firewall/port settings (which wasn't true since I previously played no issues with the same firewall/port settings) It occurred after patching. After me explaining this to the support team they suggested I do all these things to be sure. Okay I did still had issues only after a week or so did some one ask me to send em these text files so they could review what could be causing it, did that still no solution.

I tried every possible solution they could offer me from uninstalling software disabling firewall to formatting my computer and nothing worked. Then they released a minor update and it magically stopped and I hadn't had any issues since until this previous minor update.

Shortly after you updated to the new UI there was another (minor) update which you released a noticed asking summoners to restart their clients, Since this minor update I've had this very annoying issue once again and I am still using the exact same settings I was using a year ago so I know for a fact it isn't any issue with my settings/hardware/provider. I don't know what I should do since I never really received any help anyway. I just thought I'd bring this to your attention if you didn't already know.