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hey guys i know i shouldn't be posting this here but i really wanted this guys punished for what he did and how he acted. During the first 15 minutes of the game he had already quit and sold all his items bought wards and was spreading them around the map. After I told him not to do this and he would be reported for continuing he told everyone that i was harassing him and they should all report me. After a minute of yelling this he got everyone to report me and i did nothing wrong. The only people that really knew what was going on was the people on my team, the enemy team had no idea.

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Yiyo chan

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Accusing people while posting their user name in the forums is a no no . I suppose you reported this person stating this exact issue in the comments box. That's the proper thing to do If you didn't harass this player and you are an overall good player, then the chances of having an issue for some false reports are slim..