[June MCCC] Soren, Son of Serine (Reworked)

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Here is a link to the original version of Soren:

Soren, Son of Serine
Nature's Sect
Element: Earth, Wood (up for interpretation by the person reading it, I might lean towards wood)
Tags: Ranged, Melee, Bruiser/Fighter


Soren is the son of Serine, a woman well known for her herbal remedies and beautiful flowers. Soren loved his mother; cherished her work and loved to be in the garden with her. Over the years, he learned the many tricks of the trade for growing healthier, bigger plants that produced more product. He was also taught about the little bit of magic that makes this all possible.

Soren never got to know his father as his father died during the birthing of Soren. It was a very sudden event that Soren has yet to get an answer for. His father was a general for the Ionian forces and was targeted by an unknown enemy. An assassin was ordered to take him out in his most vulnerable moment; during the birth of his son. Serine was so traumatized by this event that it sent her into a deep depression for the first year of Sorenís life. She was brought back to reality when Soren was attracted to some plants she was keeping in their house in Piltover. The way his eyes lit up, the smile on his face while looking at the bright and vibrant colors; he was so attracted to them that she got a renewed energy to go back to her passion. She picked up all her possessions and moved herself and Soren to the outskirts of town where she could build her garden again.

She was very surprised at how interested Soren became in her work that she turned it into a game for him. That smile she had before the birth of Soren was back and her friends were grateful.

Now 13, Soren has learned to live off the gardens of his mother and even started growing some more exotic fares for some of the customers that his mother didnít want to deal with herself. They had a good business relationship going; helping each other out when needed, searching for fresh supplies in the nearby forest or taking care of the otherís crops while one was on a trip. All of this was harmonious until one day when Soren made a deal to help some dark and mysterious client. His mother was getting some bad vibes off of this new client. Something just wasnít right about him. She had felt this kind of presence before; a feeling of dread; of death, from someone who had killed many in his life. When this man left, Serine slipped away and followed him. The feeling she felt was one she had felt before; on the day of her sonís birth. Determined to confront this man about the day her husband was killed, she followed him, deep into the forest, slipping from tree to tree, finding the right moment to confront the man.
Soren never saw his mother alive again. After an exhaustive search of the forest, all that was found was her cloak, with the hood sliced cleanly off, covered in blood and, to his dismay, some of his own poisons hidden in the cloak. This gave Soren a new direction in life. He asked Caitlyn to do her best to investigate the disappearance of his mother. In the meantime he prepared for the day this mysterious man came back. Soren delved into his motherís garden and his own, searching for a new way to find his mother, or the man that killed her. His experiments with magic and his plants caused him to bring new life into his new friends.

Soren discovered a way to not only infuse new properties into his plants, but give them the spark of life. Yes his plants are alive, but he never could interact with them or even hold a conversation where they could answer him back. His new friends have now become more that just companions, they are now his protectors. Caitlyn has also been keeping in contact with Soren about his mother and all paths lead to someone in the league; but who it is exactly, is still up in the air.

Soren believed that with the love and time his mother had given him, he would be able to exact revenge on whoever it was that killed her. The powers he controlled over his plants would be all he needed. He decided to petition the League to help exact this revenge, but with some words from Caitlyn, the League denied his entry. They felt, even without the words from Caitlyn, that Soren is just not ready for any kind of fighting; his magic just isnít strong enough. Discouraged, but not ready to give up, Soren left Piltover in hopes to grow his powers. About 6 months passed and out of nowhere, Soren returned from his trip of self-discovery with a large pot on his back, inscribed with runes around the top and bottom of it, filled with dirt from his travels. He discovered there is more to these plants of his that he ever thought was out there. Soren had great stories of where he went, claiming to have travelled to the far reaches of Ionia, discovering new plants and making new friends. He was much more confident in his own abilities now, but was also so cryptic about what he actually did. Many speculate that the pot came from one of the champions in the League, with the one coming up the most being Maokai. No one has confirmed any of these rumors, but no one wants to question Soren anymore as the rumors of his new friends seem to be quite powerful. This new boy to come back to Piltover is not much of what he used to be. Confident; calculating; full of promise.

Going against Caitlynís requests, Soren has petitioned the League to join them, again, and exact revenge for his mother, using the very plants that she had loved so dearly.

ďI will turn you into fertilizer for my little friends.Ē Ė Soren

I have decided to go a different route. I love some of the ideas I came up with in my original version of Soren, but it was just too much. I felt that I needed to tone him down and simplify him a little bit more. The more and more I thought about it, the more I still wanted the different plants to play an integral part in his play style and visuals. I felt the best way to portray this is in the form of stances, similar to Sona or Udyr. This gives me the flexibility to have all my plants represented, but puts less pressure on my trying to get everything balanced with so many options. I still envision Soren as a fighter/bruiser with some built in sustain and the chance to really put out tons of damage. I donít envision him as an assassin, or carry, but he might be able to be a jungle with some creative choices in which ability to start with and which piece of equipment.

Play Style:
I am still pretty new to the game and donít have the knowledge to identify how a character will play or what positions are appropriate for a character just by looking at stats and abilities. With that being said, I envision him as a fighter with some flexibility and sustain. With the way his abilities work, I view him as a hybrid melee and ranged fighter. I envision his equipment load out would be a balance between attack speed, AP and AD, so an item like Nashorís Tooth and Manamune would fit in here perfectly. He comes with a nuke that might categorize him into the mage category too.


Soren is a 13 year old boy with dark skin from working in the garden, brown, short cut hair and blue eyes. He is modestly dressed with dirt around the cuffs of his shirt and pants. He carries a large pot on his back. The pot is filled with dirt and has glowing runes around the top and bottom. This is where his plants will grow from throughout the game. When the plants are there, it makes him almost the same size as Nautilus or Cho'gath.

Passive/Innate: Gardener

While out of sight and in grass (moving through grass counts), Sorenís health regen is increased by 5-23 hp per 5 seconds based on his level.

All of Sorenís abilities have a .25 sec cast time, unless otherwise noted, and when activated, his other abilities go into a .5 second cooldown, while the ability cast goes into a 4 second cooldown. The .5 second cooldown cannot be reduced by CDR. At level 1, when you choose your first ability, it will automatically grow that plant in the pot, but wonít activate the activate ability. This also means if you donít choose which one you want, you wonít have any basic auto attacks until you choose your ability.

Q: Venus Fly Trap: [Visuals: Looks like a giant fly trap in a bright vibrant green (not neon), but it is ravenous and hungry, actually drooling when standing there, not moving]

Persistent Effect: The Venus Fly Trap has a melee attack and gains 5/10/15/20/25% life steal with each level.

Activate: Each time Soren activates this ability, whether switching to this form or while still in it, he fears all the enemies around him for .75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds and deals 50/75/100/125/150 +100% of bonus AD physical damage.

Cost: 25/35/45/55/65 mana
Range: 300

W: Rose: [Visuals: Looks like a beautiful, giant, deep red rose. It has an odd air about it that makes it look like it is smiling and has fangs; it has an arrogance about the way it thinks about itself. It has 2 leaves that it uses to shoot the spikes from]

Persistent Effect: The Rose has a short ranged attack (similar to Jayceís while in his ranged mode) that applies a poison. The poison slows the movement and attack speeds of his target by 10/15/20/25/30% for 2 seconds. This ability stacks with itself up to 2 times and any additional stacks will extend the duration.

Activate: Each time Soren activates this ability, whether switching to this form or while still in it, the Rose shoots spikes around it in a circle, applying the poison to all enemies hit and dealing 45/65/85/105/125 +25% AP in magic damage. Each spike will stop when it hits its first target; this is not a piercing attack (supposed to function similarly to Asheís W).

Cost: 40/60/80/100/120 Mana
AOE Range: 375

E: Douglas-fir: [Visuals: Looks like a classic Douglas-fir. It stands tall and firm, but has a pair of arms that comes out of the sides that it uses to smash its enemies]

Persistent Effect: Each auto attack generates one stack of Momentum for the Douglas-fir. Each stack increases its AD by 2/4/6/8/10. This ability stacks up to 5 times and last for 3 seconds. Additional stacks extend the duration of previous stacks. [Yes, the intent here is to allow for you to hot swap to another ability and still get these benefits for a short time]

Activate: When Soren activates this ability, the Douglas-fir throws an empowered pine cone at a target location. The pine cone explodes in a small AOE that deals 100/125/150/175/200 +45% total AD physical damage.

Cost: 50/75/100/125/150 mana
Range: 600
AOE: 350 Diameter

R: Bell Flowers: [Visuals: Looks like the classic bell flower in a bright, vibrant canary yellow. There are 3 blooms hanging in a vertical line. This is the most beautiful of the bunch, but arenít those usually the most dangerous?]

Persistent Effect: Soren gains 10/20/30 bonus armor and magic resist.

When this ability is activated, it channels for an additional .25 seconds (.5 seconds total when first activated). At the end of this channel, the Bells lift up and shoot 3 magical beams at the nearest enemies, prioritizing enemy champions first. A target can never be hit by more than one each time this ability activates. This ability automatically goes into a 2 second channel while the Bells charge up for their next attacks; Soren can continue to move while the flowers are channeling. This ability will keep going through this process until Soren runs out of mana or you can cancel this by activating another ability. This ability will revert back to the last stance Soren was in before this ability was activated and will not activate the activate ability of that stance if you run out of mana. The magical beams deal 150/250/350 +65% AP magical damage on each hit. This ability is not affected by the stacks of Momentum from the Douglas-fir, but it will proc spell vamp and abilities like Rylaiís Slow.

Cost for Each Time this Activates: 85/125/165 mana
Range: 800


Damage 50 (+4.25 / per level)
Health 505 (+79 / per level)
Mana 315 (+65 / per level)
Move Speed 325
Attack Speed .557 (+3% / per level)
Armor 25 (+4.25 / per level)
Spell Resistance 25 (+2.25 / per level)
Health Regen 5.75 (+0.93 / per level)
Mana Regen 5.85 (+0.85 / per level)
Ranged Attack Range: 500
Melee Attack Range: 150

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Interesting idea...gives you more reason to swap between stances to maximize your damage potential. I like it, even if im normally not a fan of fighters. One worry is the spammability of the fear on his Q. almost 50% uptime on fear? Fiddle be jealous.

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Interesting thought there. I wasn't sure about stuff like that as I am still pretty new to this creation thing. Let's see what happens when the judging comes in.