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Champion organization/sifting

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As a player with all 100+ characters, the wall of characters I see when I'm in a lobby is overwhelming, at least its alphabetical but still..

Id like an option to quarantine particular characters, for instance in the lobby, leave all the champions as they are already laid out BUT let players have a separate set of characters above it that are your "most likely to play" which you select before queing up. Anywhere from 15-30 characters that you could display prominently in some way.

One of my main problems with the current system is that I forget who I want to play sometimes, for instance I que into a game prepared to play one of 3-4 positions, top jungle or adc, but people call them all and don't say anything until the timer is almost out, at which point you have 10-15 seconds to rechoose a character and you have a wall of 100 characters staring at you. This is a big issue in ranked when you want to make the best possible decision for a character pick, especially when a teammate took a lane that someone else called, forcing you to repick within 10 seconds..

Other people could suggest how this could go about and what else could be addressed, such as the 15-30 most likely played characters could be further quarantined into "top, mid, adc, support, jungler" and you could put your top 5 in each category as the most likely to play.