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Need Champion Help...

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Ok, so I mainly play jungle as my main role, even with the new jungle. I presently have almost 8k IP and am looking for a new champ. I main champ Maokai and I am quite potent as him, despite new jungle. I also bought Shyvana, Skarner, and Olaf all fairly recently (though Olaf was most recent). I have played other roles as these champions though, except Skarner.

Maokai - Jungle, support and even played solo-top as him once and I usually do quite good as him (he's my fav champion right now).

Olaf - I have played him top and jungle and have had equal success with him being an absolute beast, awesome fun.

Shyvana - I mainly jungle her, but I have solo-top'd her and did fairly well. I mainly counter-jungle really heavily as her (have not tried doing so in new jungle though) and do well most times.

Skarner - I find myself not playing him mostly, I usually go to one of the others listed above for my jungle fun. Not that he is not good or anything, just seems like I have not clicked him him all that much. I played him a fair bit after I got him, but then just kept going to the other three.

So my question(s) to you, the forums, are as follows:

I am thinking of refunding Skarner, seeing as how I rarely play him... wise choice or no?


I would like some input on champion(s) to get. As stated above I have 8k IP and I do mainly jungle(and if I refund Skarner I would have around 14-15k IP). FYI I do not like Lee Sin all that much, just didn't click when last I tried him out when he was free to play.

Also, if I don't jungle I usually support and I do not have many supports, I usually go Maokai and just play support role =P.

Thank you for any help, input, or advice regarding my question(s).

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If you buy a character, keep it no point in refuding because you never know if you that character is an awesome counter for a ranked game "Oh s**t wish I had Skarner right now" Try someone not as tanky as your jungles. I know you said you don't like Lee, but give him a try again and if you do good you'll love him. Shaco is super fun to jungle, he is squishy and falls off late game, but the ganks are phenomenal.

Personally I think you should give a less supporty/tanky champ a try. Like Shaco or Fiddle, but if you wanna stick to your guns try Rammus or Malphite. Both very rewarding and bring a lot to a team fight. Hope this helps. Just my input though.